Meaning of VACUUM in English


I. ˈvaky(əw)əm, -(ˌ)yüm noun

( plural vacuums -mz ; or vac·ua -_yəwə)

Etymology: Latin, from neuter of vacuus empty; akin to Latin vacare to be empty — more at vacant

1. : emptiness of space

flames … mounting on high into vacuum , into nonentity — William Blake


a. : a space absolutely devoid of matter — opposed to plenum

b. : a space (as the interior of a closed vessel) partially exhausted (as to the highest degree possible) by an air pump or be any of various other artificial means

a reaction carried out in vacuum

c. : a degree of rarefaction below atmospheric pressure : negative pressure

a vacuum of two millimeters of mercury

pumps that pull too high a vacuum for gages to measure

spray milk under vacuum into a pan


a. : an unfilled or empty space or extent : something devoid of content : void , gap

his death has left a vacuum in their lives

the music stopped and the voices rose into the vacuum it left — Hamilton Basso

b. : a state of isolation from outside influences or factors

people who live in a vacuum … so that the world outside them is of no moment — W.S.Maugham

4. : a device creating or utilizing a partial vacuum ; specifically : vacuum cleaner

II. adjective

1. : of, relating to, or associated with a vacuum or vacuum system

vacuum pressure

vacuum controls

vacuum hose

2. : used in producing a vacuum

vacuum equipment

vacuum sealing grease



(1) : partly exhausted of air or gas : containing a vacuum

a vacuum cylinder

a vacuum oven

(2) : made nonconducting by means of a vacuum ; especially : being or containing a usually glass vessel or casing with double walls enclosing a vacuum for temperature insulation (as of liquids)

a vacuum flask

a vacuum jug

vacuum -jacketed apparatus

a vacuum pitcher

b. : carried on under partial vacuum or by means of suction

vacuum distillation

vacuum metallurgy

vacuum spectroscopy

vacuum filling of milk bottles

c. : being or used in a canning, bottling, or packaging process in which much of the air in the container is extracted before sealing for better preservation of contents

vacuum canning

a vacuum jar

d. : mounted in a vacuum

a vacuum filament lamp

vacuum contacts

4. : being or incorporating a device producing a partial vacuum (as for drawing off or holding fast)

a vacuum dryer

a vacuum filter

a vacuum ash conveyer

a vacuum chuck for holding delicate materials on a lathe

a vacuum pad for hoisting concrete slabs

vacuum impregnating apparatus

5. : produced by a process utilizing a vacuum (as for evaporation)

vacuum salt

III. verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

transitive verb

1. : to use a vacuum device upon

2. or vacuum-clean : to clean or remove by means of a vacuum cleaner

vacuum the rug

vacuum the crumbs

intransitive verb

1. : to operate a vacuum device (as a vacuum drier)

2. or vacuum-clean ˈ ̷ ̷( ̷ ̷) ̷ ̷| ̷ ̷, ˈ ̷ ̷(ˌ) ̷ ̷| ̷ ̷ : to clean a surface with a vacuum cleaner

hired a woman to scrub, dust, and vacuum

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