Meaning of VACUUM in English


I. noun (plural ~s or vacua) Etymology: Latin, from neuter of vacuus empty, from vacare to be empty Date: 1550 emptiness of space, 2. a space absolutely devoid of matter, a space partially exhausted (as to the highest degree possible) by artificial means (as an air pump), a degree of rarefaction below atmospheric pressure, 3. a state or condition resembling a ~ ; void , a state of isolation from outside influences , a device creating or utilizing a partial ~, II. adjective Date: 1825 of, containing, producing, or utilizing a partial ~ , of or relating to a ~ device or system, III. verb Date: 1922 transitive verb to use a ~ device (as a ~ cleaner) on , to draw or take in by or as if by suction, intransitive verb to operate a ~ device

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