Meaning of VARIATION in English




variations on a theme (= things with a similar basic subject, style etc )

Most of her short stories are variations on the theme of tragedy.




There is considerable variation between sports around the overall averages reported above.

Stimulants were most commonly prescribed, but there was considerable geographic variation .

Roberts's evidence suggests that there has been considerable variation historically in how far support structures extend to more distant kin.

However, there are considerable variations between the cities.

Moreover, there was considerable variation in the grammar-school provision in different areas within each Local Education Authority.

This generalisation, however, masks the fact that there are considerable variations from country to country in each of these regions.

There was in 1986-7 considerable variation between Partnerships in the balance of expenditure.

Yet this considerable variation in organizational model appears to arouse remarkably little interest in its consequences.


The genetic basis of quantitative genetic variation is being investigated at the molecular genetic and population level.

This suggests that human genetic variation is the result of only a few thousand minor differences between proteins.

Heritability is defined as the proportion due to genes; it is the ratio of genetic variation to the total variation.

Darwinian selection has to have genetic variation to work on.

The amount of standing genetic variation for ageing within populations, and the number of genes involved, are not informative.


Stereotypes, moreover, are subject to historical change and geographical variation and salience.

The implications of concentration of provincial press ownership are greater when its geographical variation is taken into account.

Brandt switched the emphasis from geographical variation to the study of the annual cycle of plankton growth found in the northern oceans.

There are also strong geographical variations with a particularly heavy concentration in certain inner-city areas, for example Inner London and Newcastle.

Many other animals show similar geographical variation in size.

It is well documented that there are geographical variations in both health status and health care expenditure within Britain.


Perhaps the greatest variation is in the form of the type of mount, or escutcheon, for the handle.

Which statement would receive the greatest score variations between your society and another one that you identify?

While maintaining accuracy, he bowls with a great deal of variation .

The first was the great variation among sentences imposed by different judges upon similarly situated offenders.

There was also a great variation in the size of local authorities of the same status.

Furthermore, great variations in the size of tax receipts and disbursements exist among the states.

Some work was obviously seasonal with stock work and crop work giving the greatest variation .

There was, of course, a great deal of variation between one housewife and another.


But the individual variations in the patterns of disease are less widely unpredictable than those of recovery.

Piaget did not address the topic of individual differences or individual variations in construction of knowledge.

But there are considerable individual variations .

In swarm systems with heritability, individual variation and imperfection will lead to perpetual novelty, or what we call evolution.

The original intention behind the research was to measure the effect on the individual worker of variations in the work conditions.

This suggests that individual variations in physiology and metabolism must be an important factor.

The difference in baselines between these two groups results from the large degree of individual variation in salivary secretion.

There is considerable individual variation with regard to insulin requirement.


The report highlights large variations in early retirement dates throughout the public sector.

The localised struggles there are to a large extent a variation on a wider pattern of exploitation and greed.

Do not place the computer where it will be subject to large variations in temperature or near a radiator.

Furthermore, large interspecies variations exist not only in the metabolism of morphine but also in the distribution of opioid receptors.

The authors draw attention to what seems to be a large regional variation between rates of surgical treatment for glue ear.


These are established through national joint councils, consisting of representatives of employers and employees, supplemented by local variations and agreements.

The report also revealed interesting local variations .

The resultant local variation in working arrangements has greatly complicated national assessment.

Light curves may show varying brightness due to two in-dependent factors: local variations in reflectivity and departures from spherical shape.

Application of the local magnetic variation to the recorded heading will give the true heading.

Buxton and Klein's study found that in the early 1970s local variations within a region were greater than between regions.

But within this apparently uniform pattern of land use were a number of local variations , including those pertaining to land transfer.

Without regional and local variations , a further gap will be created.


There is not only a single currency but also a single economic policy, with only minor variations between states.

The scene repeated with minor variations and the game continued to our amusement for the hour that we were having coffee.

Leaf-gilding usually shows only minor variations in thickness and a superficial bonding to the metal below.

There are many minor variations , from species to species, but these two types of distraction display are the basic forms.

This hairstyle proved pervasive, lasting with minor variations into late antiquity.

The experiments described above were performed more than once, with minor variations in the procedure adopted.

More notable, however, is yet another minor variation of the squat urn.

On these three topics the various works are all agreed apart from minor variations .


There are many possible variations within each category.

Not for patients in general, but for Neil-his version of all the possible variations on the basic plan.

Any possible variation of dose delivered from position to position was eliminated by rotating the entire assembly at six revolutions per minute.

The number of possible variations is infinite.

There are many possible variations on the theme of symmetry.

There are two possible variations in sequencing.

Here we discuss possible variations in the format of instructions, and the matching of instruction length to computer word size.


Because regional variations tend to be more pronounced among working-class speakers, it is also a class variation.

But both groups include many profoundly different peoples, owing partly to the accidents of history and partly to regional variations .

It also highlights significant regional variations , possibly reflecting a marked difference in schools' approach to discipline.

There are many regional variations of this delightful fish, and colouring will vary according to where the stock has been collected.

There were also some significant regional variations .

Equally, regional variations in speech may generate different spellings.

But great regional variations were apparent.

The Bill perpetuates all the anomalies, unfairness, regional variations and bureaucracy that made the poll tax unpopular.


The measured seasonal variations of peroxide and ozone in clean air at Cape Grim during the experiment are contrasted in Fig. 4.

The figures are adjusted for seasonal variations .

One major factor in causing seasonal variations in food supplies was the difficulty of storage.

Do you see seasonal variations in sales?

Table 2 shows the differences among the schools and in addition the seasonal variation .

All figures are preliminary and are adjusted for seasonal variation .

In other words, they have become instinctively aware of changes in daily and seasonal variations in temperature.

Modern studies of Mars confirm the seasonal variations of the surface brightness, but without biological intervention.


It also highlights significant regional variations , possibly reflecting a marked difference in schools' approach to discipline.

There was the more significant variation of allowing folders to reside within folders, ad infinitum.

Although there are some significant variations between these writers, they do identify a number of implications for staff management.

It acts by inhibiting bone resorption of calcium thereby preventing significant variations in plasma calcium concentrations.

However, when examined in more detail it is possible to identify significant variations along the margin.

But all three novels also exhibit significant variations on parody as it has been practised in the past.

There is a significant variation in success rates depending on representation.

There were also some significant regional variations .


These variations may be a result of slight variations in the amount of template cDNA.

The procedure is usually carried out at room temperature. Slight variations in temperature are not critical. 26.

It is employed by a wide range of species, with slight variations .

There was never the slightest variation .

They show slight variations , for example in the woodcut decorations.

A slight variation in this household was that one social worker stayed behind.

Special Scheme Home policies may have slight variations in cover and should be handled accordingly.

There are however slight variations , the first being where the independent belongs to a retail buying association.


With small variations , this is typical of the kind of armour worn by El Cid and his warriors.

There were often small variations in the assembly and fabrication of otherwise similar pieces.

Modelling will tend to mask small but important variations which may be adequately understood only by local research.

Each has their own small variations , to be sure.

Sideways movement would produce much smaller variations , enough to give an image of vitality and movement.

These small variations would explain why galaxies formed into clusters, and stars into galaxies.

The reason is that, with a digital system, small variations do not corrupt the message.

Collectively, over five or six generations these small variations led to considerable population growth.


For most experimental purposes spatial variations occur in only one dimension so that the stimuli appear as light and dark stripes.

Group 2 errors include positional accuracy, attribute uncertainty, and generalization arising from data classification and spatial variations in map quality.

Dynamic fluxes depend on motions which in turn depend on spatial variations in heating.


The second column also shows that there is a wide variation between regions in the proportion of exports to foreign debt.

Not surprisingly, the studies of caffeine tolerance and withdrawal have found wide variations in subject responses.

The first is the wide variation in specification and finish that are standard practice in the motor industry.

But there is wide variation among Internet providers in cost, features, software, reliability and customer service.

It can be seen that there is a wide variation , especially where the number of dies in a year is small.

There was wide variation in the students' responses.

A wide variation among subjects was also seen in the total amount of food refluxed into the oesophagus.

The standards could accommodate a reasonably wide variation .



One involved using whole word shape to help determine segment positions and to allow for letter shape variations within words.

Monitoring progress against the timetable allows variations to be identified and replanning undertaken.

For example, you should allow for creating variation in your working patterns.

The mechanism allows for great variation and complexity in magma chamber sedimentation.

If we now allow for variation in the savings proportions, then we can apply the earlier results.

This alternation of form between generations has allowed all kinds of variations within the group.

In February, councillors refused to allow a variation of the hours.


We explain this variation to emphasise the purpose of the stand-offs.

This is exactly parallel to what happens in explaining the variations in species.

But the question really is to explain variations in water level along the coast.

How do we explain this variation , and how do we explain the transmission of this adaptation from one generation to another?

Age is probably the most important variable in explaining variation in those sports that require physical contact and strength.

Using measures which explain variations in utilisation in normative formulas is to confuse what is with what ought to be.

Let us look first at the easier one - explaining variations in fertility.

However it was then pointed out by a biologist that tiny movements by the plant could explain these variations .


How these colours are used differs from regiment to regiment, and the examples shown represent just one variation for each state.

Rather, this use of dialect simply indicates that speakers show some variation in the way they use elements of the language.

The goat's movements and social interactions show a similar seasonal variation .

While we showed several variations , our work was interpreted to mean that instant bonding was universal.

Serial biopsy specimens in these patients often showed variations in the intensity of inflammation and hepatocyte necrosis.

No human language is fixed, uniform, or unvarying: all languages show internal variation .

They show slight variations , for example in the woodcut decorations.

And one has to remember that sperm counts also show a natural seasonal variation .


a wide variation/difference/gap etc

But there is, indeed, still a wide gap in the use of flexibility.

But when the national polls are a wide gap, the country is pretty likely to follow.

Just as there may be a wide variation in the inputs, so may the outputs vary.

Solids exhibit a wide variation in rigidity.

The second column also shows that there is a wide variation between regions in the proportion of exports to foreign debt.

There is a wide difference between promise and performance.

Waiting time by specialty is meaningless as it conceals a wide variation among consultants' clinics.

Within the general waste type shown in these figures exists a wide variation.


The new movie is a variation on the theme of the original 'Blue Lagoon'.

There are least ten styles of Apple Mac computers, and countless variations in those models.

There is a great deal of variation among the responses.

This recipe makes an interesting variation on the traditional Christmas cake.


All this data combined will allow scientists to determine Eros's density, and any density variations deep inside the asteroid.

Because regional variations tend to be more pronounced among working-class speakers, it is also a class variation.

But the individual variations in the patterns of disease are less widely unpredictable than those of recovery.

Looking at the might-have-beens of stylistic variation is a way of making the elusive quality of good writing open to inspection.

Most of the instrumentals are simply variations of past themes, but who cares?

There continued to be striking regional and social class variations in infant mortality and in life expectancy at later ages.

There were other variations too: some ships had low prows and high sterns, whilst others were high at both ends.

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