Meaning of VARIATION in English


/ ˌveəriˈeɪʃn; NAmE ˌver-/ noun


[ C , U ] variation (in / of sth) a change, especially in the amount or level of sth :

The dial records very slight variations in pressure.

Currency exchange rates are always subject to variation.

regional / seasonal variation (= depending on the region or time of year)


[ C ] variation (on sth) a thing that is different from other things in the same general group :

This soup is a spicy variation on a traditional favourite.


[ C ] variation (on sth) ( music ) any of a set of short pieces of music based on a simple tune repeated in a different and more complicated form :

a set of variations on a theme by Mozart

( figurative )

His numerous complaints are all variations on a theme (= all about the same thing) .



late Middle English (denoting variance or conflict): from Old French , or from Latin variatio(n-) , from the verb variare , from varius diverse.

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