Meaning of VARIETY in English




a bewildering variety/array/range

a bewildering variety of choices

a combination/variety/number of factors

A combination of factors led to the closure of the factory.

a huge range/variety/selection etc

a huge range of issues

a wide range/variety/choice etc (of sth)

This year’s festival includes a wide range of entertainers.

holidays to a wide choice of destinations

an infinite number/variety of sth

There was an infinite variety of drinks to choose from.

variety show

variety store




There are different varieties of Keynesians and monetarists.

In this case every firm ends up producing a different variety of the product.

I am also looking back over the last five years at gross margins of different wheat varieties we have grown.

Instead he fills them with any of the dozens of different varieties of liquid that line the walls of his lab.

Only a few thousand of the 250,000 different varieties of wild flowers have been named, he explained.

There are many different varieties of wraps, perfect for each meal of the day.

Three giant production centres on 75 acres of land making 254 different varieties of ice creams and lollies.

In fact, the gene-altered products often seem little different from ordinary varieties when lined up on store shelves.


Clearly a great variety of difficulty could be introduced into the tests.

The greatest variety of birds are sighted in late April and May and in late August and September.

Alone, words are subject to a too great variety of interpretation.

There is also an increasing trend towards greater variety in family formations.

There's a great variety of bracken, ferns and other plant life.

Most people still find work in the same towns but in a greater variety of industries.

Methodology and Sources Crime has been studied from a great variety of perspectives.

If you find a great deal of variety , you probably need to articulate a mission for the group.


Other places contain a huge variety of species and have a high biomass.

I've done a lot of work with a huge variety of sprayers.

To some, the huge variety of life in the Burgess shale has been an inspiration.

The huge variety of shapes is partly fashion and partly an attempt to avoid a phenomenon known as spin out.

Murren has a huge variety of signposted walks to take you over the hills and into the mountains.

It was clear from this point that the agencies represented worked in a huge variety of situations.

The existence of such a rule of recognition may take any of a huge variety of forms, simple or complex.

A huge variety will be on sale this year: the majority are frozen and by far the cheapest.


This should remind of you of the infinite varieties in any one colour and also set you thinking about texture.

The universe offers no such categories or simplifications; only flux and infinite variety .

The sun on its endless tour round and round the sky gives shadows and hues of infinite variety .

It is impossible to describe the infinite variety of hysterical gaits.

Ready to yield up its infinite variety .

Although infinite in variety , it was singular in appeal.

Aristotle would then be saying that the infinite variety of size of Democritean atoms was all below the threshold of perception.

The infinite variety of questions and possible answers, of course, account for the diversity within the subgenre.


Cornell University also offers a large variety of short courses on specific themes, held during the summer session.

The largest variety of courses was in dance.

Gravel crunched and a large coniferous variety of evergreen-layered tree waved the path forward as clear.

We consider ourselves heirs to a large variety of historic civilizations.

The development of the gardens has been given high priority and there is a large variety of named trees and shrubs.

This larger variety of the species is sometimes offered in the trade under the commercial name Sagittaria gigantea Hort.

Most kinds of top fruit are available in a large range of varieties .

It was the larger , sweeter varieties that spread, and even they had a hard time of it.


The Cotwolds is an important test centre for new varieties of Linseed.

Travel at home and abroad has introduced new varieties of cheese and different cheese dishes.

With the growing interest in waterlilies enthusiasts all over the world are producing new varieties every year.

Now two new varieties have arrived to lure the sweet-toothed.

Fifty-eight new varieties London, Christie's, 14 April.

With all the new and reintroduced varieties now on the market there has never been a better time to grow from seed.

Many new varieties are currently being evaluated in order to widen the range of suitable varieties. requirements 1.

A comparatively new variety , Bandit, also impressed with yielding ability.


Changes in the component values, the particular diode, and the source frequency can give a rich variety of observations.

This rich variety should be preserved, not destroyed, by the gospel.

It is a day to celebrate the rich variety of people within our parish rather than create unnecessary divisions.

The Mawddach Estuary has a rich variety of wetland and woodland habitats attracting a wide range of different species.

A rich variety of plants was found in Central Region ponds, including 68 types of aquatic and 35 wetland plants.

There are several footpaths around the village, which during the summer months provide a rich variety of flora and fauna.

The rich variety of geographical environments provides a background to the diversity of ways of life and traditions of the Yugoslav peoples.

In no area is there a greater need for a rich variety of creative ideas.


Moreover, it has been reworked within the cultural forms and practices of a whole variety of subaltern groups.

Outdoor play is particularly important because it helps them develop in a whole variety of ways.

However, an evaluation of rural depopulation needs to take account of a whole variety of factors.

The answer is that they can't, for a whole variety of reasons.

To help keep the Goblin alive, if not exactly intact, a whole variety of life preserving techniques were originally developed.

A whole variety of subtle strategies are available.

A whole variety of factors will affect the cycle, changing the lengths of each stage or the relationship between stages.


Customer profiles External information was available from a wide variety of sources.

It is currently used in a wide variety of products, platforms, and industries around the world.

Make sure you eat a wide variety of the foods you enjoy.

The decades that followed were host to a wide variety of romance types.

But certain parts of Levi-Strauss' schema have application to a wide variety of ethnographic materials.

The child-use section contains instructional materials in a wide variety of format and subject matter for the children themselves.

A wide variety of experience and direction is on offer.

It feeds on a wide variety of fish - 43 different species are known to be taken as prey.



The Big Three-O will be a spectacular variety show and will be broadcast on the network on 28 December.

The whole crowd later went to a variety show at the Winter Gardens.

United are a variety show when they should be the movie.



This means choosing the right variety can play an important part in making savings further into the season.

Teachers may choose among a variety of strategies.

When choosing several varieties , remember that cross-pollination may be important and that some fruits store for longer than others.

They are told that these are but two examples of relaxation techniques chosen from a wide variety .

You should choose a variety of foods and ring the changes with meals.

Players can choose from among a variety of ancient civilizations, and the software provides detailed historical information about each.

However, if you choose the right varieties , they will also brighten up your garden in a cool, dull summer.

For any particular study one can choose a particular variety of time.


Social organization is complex and always includes a variety of classes, orders and groups.

For the same reason, it is also important to include a variety of drinking settings.

Edward Taylor's inspirational jacquard designs include a variety of bold and vibrant patterns based upon cultural themes and motifs.

The social relationships engaged in by Margaret Nicholson include a wide variety of friends and the stress on family ties is missing.

No copying process is perfect, however, and the population of replicators comes to include varieties that differ from one another.


Menus offer a good variety , and regular barbecues are held.

P-Trak does offer a variety of other personal information such as names, addresses and phone numbers.

Sons and daughters could offer the widest variety of support, and were particularly important.

Adventures on a Shoestring has been offering a variety of 90-minute weekend walking tours of New York City for 34 years.

New seasonal selections are added throughout the year; offering a variety of both traditional favourites, as well as more adventurous dishes.

Restaurants across the country are now offering a wide variety of classic and innovative game dishes.

South Gare offers a variety of small fish.

This offers a fine variety of climbing on the edge of Haskett gully.


To overcome this problem many policy papers which examine population ageing produce a variety of projections using different fertility assumptions.

In this case every firm ends up producing a different variety of the product.

With the growing interest in waterlilies enthusiasts all over the world are producing new varieties every year.

Then for every pair of countries that actively produce varieties of the good, we should expect to observe intraindustry trade.

That would produce both balance and variety in the media taken as a whole.

To do this, infants use their motor systems to produce a variety of purposeful actions and behaviors.

These silicate groups come together by sharing oxygen atoms to produce a variety of structures.

Commercially pure ethanol is produced using a variety of chemical reactions to eliminate the water.


There are also many organisations who provide a variety of services to people with HIV/AIDS.

Instead, the company said it provides a variety of ways for employees to resolve conflicts and complaints.

Arrangements have been made with Epps Aviation to provide a variety of services including training, sales and engineering support.

The center, he adds, should provide a wide variety of culture-enriching performances, even if some are not successful.

Griffiths made it clear that care and support could be provided from a variety of sources.

On the other hand the Basic Contemporary Romance provides variety and, occasionally, the unexpected.

Chapter 3 provides information on a variety of religious faiths, and it was here I found the text least satisfactory.

In areas where gardens are protected and some extra care is provided , most cabbage varieties can be virtually a year-round crop.


With bricks you must be sure to use the correct variety .

It is currently used in a wide variety of products, platforms, and industries around the world.

A small cottage industry of biotechnology firms has sprung up to investigate this, using a variety of methods.

Sheet steel is used in a wide variety of applications ranging from pails to car hoods.

Changes in the service system in Nottinghamshire were monitored using a wide variety of sources.

Calcium is determined using a variety of other reagents and most reliably by using atomic absorption spectrophotometry.

In Bloomington, Ill., police use a variety of gang definitions, cobbled together from various state and local edicts.

But if you want a great apple pie, use a variety of apples.


a whole range/series/variety etc (of sth)

A regular newsletter keeps people in touch and a whole series of social events are undertaken.

Exercise, in addition to good nutrition, can guard against a whole range of serious ailments.

I think it is going into your subconscious and picking up a whole series of signals.

It is practical activity that is important; the handling of a whole range of materials.

Knitters can choose from a whole range of techniques and their selection will be put on to a video, exclusive to them.

Parks provide space for a whole range of events, from steam rallies to horse shows.

Since then he had survived a whole series of setbacks.


At that time, all newsreaders spoke a variety of English spoken in southern England, known as Received Pronunciation.

It may be possible to create varieties of fish that have resistance to common diseases.

She's always complaining that her job doesn't have enough variety .

South American growers use the best US seed varieties.

The doctor encouraged him to increase the variety of food that he eats.

The French make many varieties of cheese, from both cows' and goats' milk.

The music on her latest CD shows a great deal of variety .

This is a new variety of apple; we're selling it for the first time.


Bert started to move a huge pile of cardboard boxes which had once housed a variety of motor spares.

During treatment for his injuries and a variety of complications, Dole said his weight plummeted from 194 pounds to 122 pounds.

For all that I have learned a greater variety of games, there are fewer I can tolerate.

Like most bad situations, this one had evolved in a variety of ways.

My own preference has always been for the rough-coated variety since these can withstand weather and rough going very much better.

There is enormous variety to this public-interest assignment.

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