Meaning of VARIETY in English


n. (pl. -ies)

1. diversity; absence of uniformity; many-sidedness; the condition of being various (not enough variety in our lives).

2 a quantity or collection of different things (for a variety of reasons).

3 a a class of things different in some common qualities from the rest of a larger class to which they belong. b a specimen or member of such a class.

4 (foll. by of) a different form of a thing, quality, etc.

5 Biol. a a subspecies. b a cultivar. c an individual or group usually fertile within the species to which it belongs but differing from the species type in some qualities capable of perpetuation.

6 a mixed sequence of dances, songs, comedy acts, etc. (usu. attrib.: a variety show).

Phrases and idioms:

variety store US a shop selling many kinds of small items.

Etymology: F vari{eacute}t{eacute} or L varietas (as VARIOUS)

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