Meaning of VERBAL in English

I. adjective


a verbal agreement (= agreed in words, but not written down )

The doctor needs to have a verbal agreement from the patient.

a verbal exchange (= spoken rather than written )

The two boxers recently became involved in a heated verbal exchange.

verbal abuse

vandalism and verbal abuse directed at old people

verbal communication (= with words )

This activity is designed to improve students' verbal communication skills.

verbal consent (= spoken consent )

He gave his verbal consent to have the interview taped.

verbal dexterity

his charm and verbal dexterity

verbal/linguistic ability (= language skills )

The test is intended to measure the children's linguistic ability.




This suggests that verbal ability is dominant in the left hemisphere and spatial ability is dominant in the right hemisphere.

In 1947, girls scored higher than boys in spelling, language, clerical speed and accuracy, and verbal ability .

This supports the hypothesis that there is a right field advantage for verbal ability over spatial ability.

However, in other studies it has been found that women in general have superior verbal ability to men.


Even though he never physically abused me, the verbal abuse was frightening.

A solid majority shows strong correlation with disrespectful behavior, verbal abuse and physical aggression.

Some 30 % of exclusions were for bullying, and a further 14.9 % for verbal abuse .

There were the violent outbursts, way out of proportion to any wrong done, and constant verbal abuse .

The effects of verbal abuse can be shattering.

They had descended to their usual shouting of verbal abuse .

I was scared of verbal abuse before, when I was bigger; now it's great to feel invisible.

They subjected her to verbal abuse .


It's only a verbal agreement .

The conference sponsors claimed that there was never even a verbal agreement , and refused to pay.

This was an untruth-there had been a clear verbal agreement that he would be reimbursed for all his costs.

Your verbal agreement is less important to the child than your interest in how he is feeling.


Until now Mr Mugabe's verbal assaults have largely focused on white farm-owners.

But the best stories in this collection are a completely engrossing verbal assault , challenging in their glaring clarity and uncompromising conclusions.


She explodes in a verbal attack on Trevor which momentarily he finds quite a relief.

Vocalist Zack de la Rocha makes sure his verbal attacks are clearly heard.

Maybe, but Mark E. Smith had the back-up knowledge to defeat any oncoming verbal attack from journalist or punter.

He then turned on the assembled crowd and mounted a scathing verbal attack on them.

With girls the aggression is more likely to consist of a verbal attack .


Non-verbal behaviours need to accompany and reinforce what you are saying, your verbal behaviour .

As I keep saying, our visual and verbal behaviour is one of our best bodyguards.


Without labels, verbal communication is impossible.

The physical part made up for the shallowness of verbal communication .

Self motivation, initiative, excellent written and verbal communication skills and attention to detail will, however, be vital.

Written and verbal communication between the plant management and Hanes management about the results of the implementation increases.

Those who find verbal communication difficult will have to rely on what we call corporal communication.

It can be very time consuming and it often depends on unstructured verbal communication because of this.

The context in the eye movement study was unusual in that only verbal communication was possible.

Is awe-inspiring in her ability to evaluate verbal communications and numerical data.


For all kinds of on screen information - including graphics - Window Bridge can produce a verbal description .

The decline in information content from principal component 1 to principal component 4 does not need any verbal description .

The root definition is a concise verbal description of the system, which captures its essential nature.

In every case the draftsman should consider whether the plan is to prevail over the verbal description or viceversa.


Aspects of social and physical context, and of verbal exchange , may affect their judgment.

These encounters are for this reason accompanied by a great deal of laughing, smiling and verbal exchanges .

She motioned to me to sit beside her and we settled into our limited verbal exchanges .

Knowledge of circumstances is communicated partly by information exchange across man-machine interfaces but also by verbal exchanges between people.

A verbal exchange between two people was recorded and part of it was written down.


In other words, the child has progressed to the conception of thinking as something mental, behind any verbal expression .

A man from corporates came at verbal expression from a more novel angle.

And yet the linkage of colour with verbal expression is highly problematic.

A characteristic of human verbal expression of pain is that it contains a mixture of private suffering and public display.

A torrent of words pour out as thoughts race around in her head, vying with each other for verbal expression .


Nooj is really the verbal form .

This chapter emphasizes the messages that are communicated through oral or written language-the verbal forms of political communication.


It is therefore important to understand the causes of individual differences in children's abilities to interpret non verbal information correctly.

The left selective-attention system directed at retaining verbal information dominated the choice of what was to be selectively retained from the environment.

The volunteers were given both written and verbal information as to the nature of the trial.

These might well involve those selective-attention circuits passing through the left thalamus that focus attention on verbal information such as object names.

The highest level of verbal information that can reasonably be expected from an automatic tagger is the transitivity of the verb.

If managers rely so heavily on verbal information , then that verbal information invariably arrives with an extra verbal overlay.

Of course, the written word is enhanced when given in conjunction with verbal information .


In the light of this distrust in the effectiveness of verbal instruction , what was Rousseau's opinion of reading?

He gave no verbal instruction but occasionally would gesture with his hand, like a conductor.

The learner acts appropriately on receiving verbal instructions or requests.

She unpacked a self-locating mine, punched in her identifier and gave it a simple verbal instruction .

They are non-verbal tests, though there are verbal instructions which had to be translated into sign for deaf participants.

Photographs of children carrying out each step provide visual reinforcement of the verbal instructions .


Voice, eyes, mouth and posture can contradict the actual verbal message .

Do the visual signals you receive help you understand the verbal messages ?

Horses can convey considerably more verbal messages than these few examples would imply.


You may enjoy talking but this does not make you a wizard at verbal presentations .

But making effective verbal presentations is definitely not the same as talking in conversations.

A poor verbal presentation will not only devalue your message but you along with it.

Make a brief effective verbal presentation of your case. 3.

Your prime objective should assist you in coming to terms with the most limiting aspect of verbal presentations .

It has generally been found that people can only absorb around seven key ideas in any verbal presentation , nomatterhow well conveyed.

It can therefore pay to subject your verbal presentation to some extremely critical scrutiny before it reaches its final destination.

If you have to read out your verbal presentation then you are asking for failure.


A verbal report will usually be enough.

We received a verbal report to say these were a start but needed more detail.

This conclusion is in accordance with comparable dissociations between implicit processing and verbal report in other areas of neuropsychology.

One is that we must admit verbal reports of inner experiences of human beings as valid evidence for studies of consciousness.


We have also noted that there is in practice little inter-observer variation in the scoring of verbal responses in these patients.

Offer either a quick verbal response shortly afterwards or a one page memo.


Freud examines around 250 dreams with a verbal skill and humour which, the translator says, have given her delight.

Conversely a child who is weak in visual perceptions can be helped to use auditory and verbal skills to comprehend other children.

Working with people whose verbal skills and ability to conceptualise may he limited or sometimes non-existent, offers a particular challenge.

At the same time his verbal skills took a leap.

Some people are very mathematically inclined, others excel in verbal skills .


No siren will be used and the alert will be given by verbal warning arranged by the Police.

Mrs Jonker, of Southport, said Miss Owen had been sacked for gross misconduct after written and verbal warnings .


verbal/linguistic gymnastics


verbal abuse

verbal communication

verbal skill

Federal authorities gave Alascom verbal approval to begin the project.

We had a verbal agreement but no written contract.


A verbal report will usually be enough.

And he held the elements of mental propositions to be ideas, just as those of verbal propositions are words.

Normally a language is developed by human beings from guttural sounds that eventually become verbal symbols for objects and actions.

One month after the tests, his teacher wrote the following entry: Harold has become quite verbal but otherwise progressed little.

Some very verbal children may be overreactive to noise and certain types of touch and visual input.

The physical part made up for the shallowness of verbal communication.

This was an untruth-there had been a clear verbal agreement that he would be reimbursed for all his costs.

Your prime objective should assist you in coming to terms with the most limiting aspect of verbal presentations.

II. noun


The touch judges come in for some even more serious verbals.

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