Meaning of VERGE in English


I. noun


be close to/on the verge of tears (= be almost crying )

He could see that May was close to tears.

be on the brink/verge of extinction (= be at the point of almost not existing )

The Siberian crane is on the verge of extinction due to hunting.

be on the brink/verge of ruin (= be close to ruin )

The recession could leave many businesses on the brink of ruin.

be on the verge/edge of a nervous breakdown (= to be very close to having a nervous breakdown )

These events left her on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

grass verge British English (= area of grass next to a road )

He stopped the car on the grass verge of the deserted road.




Then the vans were manoeuvred on to the grass verge so that the new vehicle could come by.

He thought he must have passed out on the grass verge .

The accident happened on a busy dual carriageway when the transporter hit a grass verge and landed on top of one of the cars.

It hit a grass verge and virtually took off.

The man was standing on the grass verge watching her.

Often it was not, and the grass verge was very much wider on one side than the other.

A battalion of infantry that was marching towards the cabriolet shuffled on to the grass verge .

The car lurched to the right, mounted the grass verge , and ploughed through the safety barrier.


Grass road verges have almost vanished, whittled away by the volume of traffic and the inexorable weight of tractor wheels.

The council had recently authorised an adjoining owner to construct and pave an access way over part of the road verge .


And adults do not need to be on the verge of shouting or crying for these mechanisms to be involved.

Binyomin and Tsila had not only kissed but were on the verge of becoming man and wife in earnest.

Born in 1930, so she must be on the verge of retirement now.

Doyle swerved, running the car on to the right hand verge , and braked hard.

Flocks of large black-and-white birds shifted in unison across the middle of the roundabouts and along roadside verges, probing for worms.

He and his wife Brooke Hayward were on the verge of divorce - they finally split up in 1969.

In those years, I believed I was on the verge of a major discovery.

Now Carter is on the verge of burning brighter than the Olympic flame.

II. verb


After overheating in 1989, the market may be verging on the over-cautious today.

At times these adjustments verge on sharp practice enabled by the fact that ingredients do not have to be revealed.

Domestically produced cars are overpriced while prices for imported cars verge on the absurd.

In the case of Essex and Keith Fletcher it may well verge on the impossible.

That seemed a sober judgment not even verging on hyperbole.

Their desire to play an expansive game is often dangerous, verging on the suicidal.

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