Meaning of VIGOROUS in English




a vehement/vigorous denial (= very strong )

The report led to vehement denials from the minister involved.

a vigorous opponent (= one who opposes something with a lot of energy and determination )

a vigorous opponent of the use of nuclear weapons

hard/strenuous/vigorous exercise (= involving a lot of physical effort )

Pregnant women should avoid strenuous exercise.




Unlike the preceding species this plant is much more manageable as it is less vigorous .

Taylor would sometimes be compared to Theodore Roosevelt, a man similarly favored by circumstances and with a personality no less vigorous .

As I mentioned earlier, you must always bear in mind the effect of poor fertility, and less vigorous habit.

Comments: This attractive dwarf-lily is less vigorous , but produces beautiful, delicate-looking leaves.


M26 is quite similar to M9, but a little more vigorous .

The word capitalist was more vigorous .

Much more vigorous action than is provided for in the Bill is needed.

The improved blood circulation enables practitioners to perform tasks in a more vigorous and healthy manner.

I was not only losing weight but I felt better: fitter, more alert, more vigorous .

Fig. 8 Arm muscles Ballistic stretching is more vigorous , as the name suggests, and involves bouncing and jerking movements.

Apparently it's a much more vigorous place now.

Settlers demanded a more vigorous response, and got it.


Equally important was its decision to combine support for the war effort and for the Government with the most vigorous campaigning politics.

Noncontributor calls get through too, but who wants to bet which will get the most vigorous response?


There are two main techniques, carbonisation and gasification; both require very vigorous conditions, especially high temperatures.

All three were very vigorous: none was prepared to let the others eclipse it.

He's retired, of course, but he helps out at St Clem's and he's still very vigorous .



Much more vigorous action than is provided for in the Bill is needed.

Such fresh awareness can occur in the midst of vigorous action .

Administrative procedures must be tightened up, and effective publicity should emphasise prompt and vigorous action in the courts.

More vigorous action may sometimes be needed.

Mr. Redwood I can promise that the Department will take vigorous action where there are good cases.

Firstly, he certainly thwarted some papal provisions by taking vigorous action against any bishop involved in the process.


Linked to this have been a series of vigorous campaigns against paedophile organisations, including the use of the conspiracy laws.

I was all in favor of a vigorous campaign offensive, but this simply exceeded the bounds of good taste.

He is seen as having run a vigorous campaign , despite a lack of resources.

Despite a vigorous campaign on the part of Alan Shepard to get the chimp grounded, the doctors insisted.

In recent years many governments have mounted vigorous campaigns against drinking and driving.

Anti-abortionists have launched a vigorous campaign to reinforce the constitutional ban on abortion.

I agree with my hon. Friend that Hampshire county council waged an extremely vigorous campaign against the proposal.

It's a vigorous campaign and I've suffered from it before.


The government's spending programme is the subject of vigorous debates .

Despite a vigorous debate in Parliament last week, strong government majorities ensure that the proposal will become law.

And it has certainly opened up a vigorous debate that will not now be stilled.

Clarke engaged in a vigorous debate with the doctors but found public sympathy running against him.

An open and vigorous debate is the mark of a healthy democracy.


Isaacs named the substance interferon, and for some years vigorous efforts were made to develop it into a practical therapeutic agent.


She believed that girls needed a fair dose of daily and vigorous exercise .

During vigorous exercise the brain generates chemicals called endorphins.

The golden rule is to begin gently and not to plunge into a sudden regime of vigorous exercise .

Williams cautioned that vigorous exercise can carry risks.

Studies of Whitehall civil servants in 1973 and 1980 suggested that vigorous exercise at weekends was associated with less heart disease.

Skiing is vigorous exercise , and it takes muscle power to control your skis on a downhill run.

Skeletal muscle also plays a part in propelling lymph, by massaging the ducts, particularly during vigorous exercise .

The rate of decrease of the pulse after vigorous exercise is a good indication of the overall fitness of an individual.


A poor planting medium controls vigorous growth and almost checks the development of floating leaves.

Its monetary and fiscal policies would short-circuit recessions and promote vigorous growth .

Naturally enough, for vigorous growth , a medium consisting of some clay or mud is needed.

Summer's herbaceous perennials can quickly transform the garden scene with their vigorous growth .


The group is warning Borders Regional Council to expect vigorous opposition whenever a school is singled out for review.

Baxter shareholders have voiced vigorous opposition to an acquisition of National Medical.

As we have noted, only in comparatively few nations was the tradition of a vigorous opposition press established prior to independence.


a vigorous opponent of gun control

According to a recent survey, a quarter of people over twelve get no vigorous exercise at all.

At 80, Peck was still vigorous and living in Paris.

Next there was a vigorous Russian dance, with plenty of stamping of feet and clapping.

Williams' question started a vigorous debate among board members.


Poor, lacking cohesion, she could not pursue a vigorous foreign policy.

She put herself through many risky experiences on the road, along with some vigorous political activity.

She was not too interested in the vigorous Claudine now that the light of day was here.

The same vigorous speech was heard on the streets, through which surged hosts of excited men..

This does not mean embarking on extremely vigorous pursuits, although people in their 70s and 80s still run marathons!

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