Meaning of WASH in English


I. verb


a washing machine (= for washing clothes )

Put your dirty clothes straight in the washing machine.

a wave sweeps/washes over sb (= someone suddenly experiences a feeling or emotion )

A sudden wave of joy swept over her.

brush off/wash off/clean off the dirt

Wash the dirt off those boots before you come in.

car wash

dirty clothes/washing/laundry

She circled the bedroom, picking up dirty clothes.

do/wash the dishes

I’ll just do the dishes before we go.

need a (good) wash/clean/cut etc (= ought to be washed, cleaned etc )

His hair needs a wash.

wash your hair

He showered and washed his hair.

wash your hands

Go wash your hands before dinner.

washed ashore

Several dead birds had been washed ashore.

washing day

washing line (= line for hanging wet clothes on to dry )

She hung the clothes out on the washing line .

washing line

washing machine

washing powder

washing soda

wash/mop the floor

The floor needs mopping.




Battered by 50 knot winds and seven-metre seas, the Ambrosia was later washed ashore in Aberdeenshire.

Meanwhile, residents have been reporting pieces of the wreckage washing ashore .

Such was the rorqual whale, 64 feet long with a 12 foot tail, washed ashore in 1879.

Hapless, hopelessly clumsy Gilligan is washed ashore along with the competent, self-assured skipper.

All these bits and pieces washed ashore .

State officials also reported a dead sea turtle had washed ashore .

Rubbish is discarded; that from boats is washed ashore and there is greater disturbance of the animal life.

Only two men washed ashore alive.



There she wept for her sins and her tears washed away the blood .

Akiko, the minister cried, the sins of the body will be washed away by the blood of the lamb.

It refreshed Jimmy, though, washing the blood from his eyes.

We began washing the blood from my sides and Polly began peeling the sheet away from me.

With her tongue she tried to wash off the blood that covered him.

The mangled bus had been quickly hauled away and the streets washed clean of blood .

The grim look on his young face as she washed off the dried blood frightened her.

Stepmother Edna pretended that no problem existed, washing out the blood from my clothes with astounding tolerance.


They drain off as much blood as possible and wash the body with sour wine.

The tight smell of men who have not washed their bodies or known clean clothes.

The embalmer washes the body with germicidal soap and replaces the blood with embalming fluid to preserve the body.

Staff can touch the body provided they wear disposable gloves, although they should not wash the body.

People washed their bodies daily, not weekly.

Tom gently washed Willie's body again and smoothed witch-hazel on to the sore spots.

Rubbing handfuls of small pebbles against my head and skin, I washed my hair and body until I felt raw.


Consider sentences 16 and 17: 16 Arthur washed and polished the car . 17.

Got ta wash the car and get it all waxed.

You know, wash a car with one hand and feed a bottle to a tiger cub with the other.

Maybe you delivered papers or washed cars .

Moura, who washed cars for a living, denied killing her.

He had a deal going where you put a token in a machine and it washes your car .

Moran washed and polished the car , even cleared rusted machinery from around the house.

Do you have to wash the cars if you drive them?


Encourage residents to wash and iron their clothes where their eyesight and co-ordination are good.

When she was pregnant, she washed clothes .

You were only allowed to wash your clothes once a week.

Rex, unperturbed, quickly stripped off naked to wash himself and his clothes in the deluge of fresh water.

He had washed his bloodstained clothes , and the next day scrubbed blood from his trainers.

He would not let her wash his work clothes .

Then he calmly washed his clothes and had a bath.

Even in liberated Scandinavia, it is women who feed the family, wash the clothes , and care for the children.


But he washed his face with cold water, and he began to feel much better.

We wash our face and hands.

She washed her face and smoothed cream over her skin.

Fascinated, I watched as they washed their faces and carefully applied makeup every morning.

He washed his face in the perfume that was her love for him.

Water washed off her bloated face , eyes bulged, an aborted gasp, her nose and upper lip already gone.

Della stopped crying and she washed her face .


A cleaning woman was laboriously washing the marble floor of the foyer.

We spent the day washing windows five floors above the ground.

A woman's washing the floor with a mop and a bucket.

Anwar asked Changez and me to wash the floor of the shop, thinking that perhaps I could successfully supervise him.

It spilled from the safety deposit boxes and washed over the floors of the rooms.

We washed the blood-stained floors , while my wife and other missionary workers helped in the wards and the laundry.


They would soon be arrested for indulging in some pornographic practice when they were only wanting to wash one another's feet .

To pass along one of them, he has offered to wash lawyers' feet .

A delicate oriental nurse washed my feet with antiseptic and chatted while the locally injected anaesthetic took effect.

A third was washing his feet in the toilet.

Now that I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet , you also should wash one another's feet.

I was washing Hugh's feet .

We passed the mosque and saw, through the gateway, men washing their feet .


I wash my hair and leave it to dry naturally.

Last night she had washed her hair in the metal tub, and today it shone.

We had to wash our own hair and mend our own clothes.

I took a shower and washed my hair with his yucca blossom shampoo.

Anne stayed at home for a week, saw nobody, and washed her hair every day.

There was no indoor plumbing, so I had to wash my hair by a community well.

She moaned shakily, the water washing her hair around her face like a golden fan.

I ask Doi-san if I may wash her hair but she refuses.


Tell the kids to wash their hands and come in here when the programme's ended.

You must never drop it on the floor and never touch it without washing your hands and face.

Children should always wash their hands before handling food, particularly if they've recently been in contact with pets.

Like those people who keep washing their hands over and over.

Rabia washed her own hands and dried them.

I wash my hands quickly and flee from the restroom.

He'd had time to wash his hands and take off his rubber gloves and apron.

In the office, he went directly to the minuscule bathroom and washed his face and hands .


All were tested with each stain remover and machine washed afterwards.

He had a deal going where you put a token in a machine and it washes your car.

Product performance was then compared with the effect of machine washing alone, using Persil Automatic Biological Action.

It's the strongest natural fabric and can stand very high temperatures and be machine washed .

Because of the corrosive nature of some machine washing agents some care should be exercised on items selected for this form of disinfection.

It enables the blanket to be machine washed just like any other blanket.


They swore, too, Ida had said, needing their mouths washed out with strong soap and water.

I would say that Michael Irvin should have his mouth washed out with soap.


Then we watched the names being washed out as the sea came in and felt sad.

Joe had discovered that at least twenty per cent of these water containers were gone, washed away by the sea .

These could, like the venture in the West Country, reclaim sediments washed out to sea from industrial works.

If so, they have been washed away by the sea .

Satan's bride was washed back from the sea to tempt the men of the land, to betray them.

Dennis Garvey's body was washed up from the sea four days later.

Tempting little offshore islands, washed by warm blue seas - it seemed almost too good to be true!


The waves get higher and higher and the water washes over and almost sinks Kevin.

Earl Varney was squatting over the creek, dipping a stockinged foot into the water to wash his socks.

She moaned shakily, the water washing her hair around her face like a golden fan.

And both Yosemite and SequoiaKing National Parks became inaccessible as rising water washed out their main access roads but created new waterfalls.

After removing the pan or urinal, give the patient a bowl and water for washing their hands.

Within a minute he was making a fire so that Susan could have warm water to wash in.

The warm water washed over her face and body.

Here, the continuing water diuresis may have washed out the medullary concentration gradient and led to a protracted concentrating defect.


She heard the indrawn breath hiss sharply through his teeth, and felt the wave of emotion that washed over him.

But the wave simply came, washed into the bamboos, and passed on.

As the wave washes the board shorewards, the rig resists this movement by digging in and sometimes catching the bottom.

She tried to think, but waves of agony kept washing over her, dulling her mind.

The breaking waves were washing clear across the midships space between the cabins.

He was struggling to keep conscious as red-hot waves of nausea washed over him.

He barely looked at me, but a wave of heat washed over me.



Willie dressed and helped Tom wash his sheets and pyjama trousers.

Afterwards, she helped Penelope wash the dishes, commenting that she had been a dishwasher also at one time.


You'd need to be washing them every five minutes.

Dishes only need to be washed once a week, because most of them are not really dirtied after use.

She did need a shower to wash away the tension from a day that had been too full of emotion.

I can both cook and eat out of it, and it seldom needs to be washed .

That then needs washing off, proving that the admen have got us every time.

Hair also gets dirtier in cities, so you need to wash hair more often.

It is a myth, put about by parents and soap manufacturers, that we need soap in order to wash .

They swore, too, Ida had said, needing their mouths washed out with strong soap and water.


wash your dirty linen/laundry


Wash your face and brush your teeth.

Could you wash this shirt for me?

Harry went upstairs to wash .

Have you boys washed your hands yet?

I just need to wash before dinner.

I really must wash the car this weekend.

I seem to spend all my time washing and ironing these days.

My jeans need to be washed.

She was washing her hair when the phone rang.

The spinach leaves should be washed in cold water.

When we moved in, we spent a whole day washing all the floors and paintwork.

You ought to wash that sweater by hand.


He rolled, sprang on to his feet, and started to wash himself.

I wished for a new dress as I washed and ironed my old yellow home-made mini for the hundredth time.

In the bathroom, I washed myself.

The women undressed and washed her, thickening the shadows with prayer.

Use a soft bristle brush to loosen the grime and if possible a sprayer to wash it all off.

You could go over and see it, like a big whale washed up on the shore.

You were only allowed to wash your clothes once a week.

II. noun




Rains like these were an opportunity for a good wash , no doubt, and a bit of messing about.

They knew that, like the Dickensian waif, a good wash and new clothes would reveal an angelic face.


I dashed past her and, stopping a safe distance away, I had a quick wash and watched her and Marcus.

Programmes include intensive, gentle and quick washes and a time-delay feature.

That gave her time to go for a quick wash .

Ten minutes flew by but we managed to unpack, have a quick wash and change.

He had a quick wash and shave, put on a clean shirt and hurried out to his car.



The cherry red formica-faced sink unit had been given a wash down.

Then give it another wash with moss killer to keep it clean.

When I got home with it, I gave it a wash , and tried it out almost immediately.


I had tried to excuse our conduct by telling him we had just needed a wash .

Judy figures it will be needing a wash job.

His black hair needs a wash .

I know it needs a wash , but I have to.

Her hair needs a wash , skin shines on nose, bones and muscles lie beneath pallid skin.


have (got) the TV/radio/washing machine etc on

wash your dirty linen/laundry


an anti-bacterial face wash

He looks as if he could do with a good wash .

The floor needs a wash .


I painted such areas first and then worked around and/or over with diluted washes.

It is built up in very thin washes.

Water would shoot down the mountainsides and down the washes at 10-20 times the volume of a typical storm.

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