Meaning of WHO in English



be (just) what/who you are looking for

‘Salubrious’! That’s just the word I was looking for.

the best/greatest etc that/who ever lived (= the best, greatest etc who has been alive at any time )

He’s probably the best journalist who ever lived.

what/how/who etc the fuck

What the fuck do you think you’re doing?

where/how/who etc the heck

Where the heck are we?

Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

who were...trying to kid

We thought we could change the world. Just who were we trying to kid ?

who/what/why etc do you suppose ... ?

Who on earth do you suppose could have done this?

How do you suppose he got here?


Heaven/God/who/goodness knows!

guess what/you'll never guess who/what etc

he who pays the piper calls the tune

Her benefits were therefore not so much economic as political: he who pays the piper calls the tune.

look who's here!

Well, look who's here! It's Jill and Paul!

look who's talking,

"You need to get more exercise." "Look who's talking !"

show (sb) who's boss

the man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo

the one(s) who/that

But in that case Robert was the one who should have stayed.

He wanted to be the one who did the organizing and made the improvements.

I'd said the right thing and she'd buttoned me as the one who signed the cheques.

I was the one who had to take it to my tutor, not them.

Maggie had never been to the big barn before, the one that had looked so imposing from the air.

Of all the proposals, the one that you made is the silliest. 3.

Often, the one who brought it home had soon lost interest in his acquisition.

She's the one who ought to be got rid of.

those who

what should I see but sth/who should appear but sb etc

what the blazes/who the blazes etc

what/how/where/who in God's name

What in God's name is that noise?

what/who/where the dickens ...?

what/who/why etc the devil?

Now what the devil was he to do?

So who the devil are these two engaging, literate, drug-free chatterers sitting down the pub?

What the devil are you getting at?

What the devil does he want?

What the devil have you been doing to yourself?

What the devil was he talking about?

Why the devil do you think I came haring over here?

Why the devil was she so stubborn?

who can say?

It's unlikely that we'll find anything of value there. Still, who can say ?

And who can say what will be going on by the time you read these words?

Anyone who can say so clearly just what Derrida is saying, or doing, immediately puts the reader in his debt.

Beyond that, who can say ?

But where such stories originated, who can say .

Once the traffic starts to move, who can say what beauty and what truth such people may not bring us?

We're the only ones who can say that and know it's true.

Whether this is ultimately a good or a bad thing, who can say ?

who cares?

Am I the only one, he asked himself, who cares anything for Durkin?

Because with so much money, who cares ?

Butterflies - who cares ? also has its first showing at Kelvingrove - and will run until 20 June.

It is an issue for anyone who cares for the sanctity of human life.

The cisterns run empty by July if we're lucky, and who cares ?

The point is that every teacher who cares about being a fine teacher has an identification with these principles.

Who cares if some 19,000 voters in Palm Beach County were effectively disenfranchised?

Who cares ? the President replied.

who needs it/them?

Emergency care would be covered for everyone who needs it, as required by law now.

If make-up is not wearable, who needs it?

Men, she thought; who needs them?

Underwood and Carling's tissue types will be stored on computer until they can be matched up with somebody who needs them.

who says?

Who says Tommy and I are still going out?

I know another guide who says she has a different umbrella for every outfit she owns.

Pike, who says his legal past is irrelevant to the business venture, has been reluctant to surrender full control.

She is young but not so young as Chela, who says she is 18 but looks 16 at the most.

This is also the same guys who says so Peter works graveyard shift, huh?

who shall remain nameless

My Lover For I will consider my lover, who shall remain nameless .

who wants ...?

who would have dreamt that ...?

who would have thought?

But who would have thought that a humble human could do these calculations?

That's the only bait I didn't have but, who would have thought that with ice about?

The girl was carrying a latchkey; she let herself into the cabin. ... who would have thought of that?

Yet who would have thought I would talk to myself in this way in these notes? he wrote.

who's counting?

who/what etc do you think?

But what do you think my parents would think if I were to become involved with you?

Cleaving to the bosom of my grieving family? What do you think they're doing?

If I have a son, I think I shall send him. What do you think?

Lady: What do you think is the most important aspect of herself a woman should preserve as she grows older?

Let's see how you rate in that area. What do you think we go in for, here in Perugia?

Q: Speaking of which, what do you think of Frank Gifford?

What do you think of your manager? What do you think of our personnel policies and how they're working?

why/how/who etc indeed?

Actually science depends upon expert witnesses who indeed are not infallible.

And why indeed should gamesmanship not exist in disabled sport when it is rife everywhere else?

Meant especially for Prior Robert, I should hazard, who indeed thinks he chose her and ranks as her proprietor.

The community service that is most interesting is by those who indeed are intellectually productive.

you know who/what


Who wants another beer?

Who was that on the phone?

Oh, now I know who he is!

Ron, who usually doesn't drink alcohol, had two beers.

The talk was given by a man who used to live in Russia.

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