Meaning of WRAP in English

I. verb


bubble wrap

gift wrap

plastic wrap

put/wrap your arms around sb

I put my arms around Bobby and gave him a hug.

Saran Wrap

wrap a present

She spent the afternoon wrapping Christmas presents.

wrap (up) a gift

She had bought and wrapped gifts for children in hospital.

wrapped...up warmly

Pat wrapped the baby up warmly .

wrapping paper (= coloured paper for wrapping presents )

He carefully removed the wrapping paper so it wouldn’t tear.

wrapping paper




A big, thick-linked steel chain was wrapped tightly about the lock, secured by a fist-sized padlock.

To extend their storage life, tightly wrap and freeze them.

Keep unused icing wrapped tightly in aluminium or clingfilm.

It is simple: a schoolhouse desk and bench, pierced by a pole wrapped tightly with a flame-licked flag.

Wrap tightly in a polythene bag until ready to roll.

That is not to say there will be no extinctions in a tightly wrapped ecosystem.

Royal icing can be stored, wrapped tightly , in the refrigerator for up to two days.


He was warmly wrapped up in a fur coat and had gloves on.

People were dancing everywhere, some in costume, some wrapped warmly against the cold.

They want to be warmly wrapped unlike Apis.



At least he clung to me and let me wrap my arms around him.

Isabel shuddered at the memory and wrapped her arms about her waist.

She jumped in, wrapping her arms around him.

The pain in the region of her heart was so intense that she wrapped her arms around herself involuntarily.

She undid the clasp and wrapped her arms around him.

He lifted Goldman again, wrapping his arms round the man, but couldn't make him move towards the car.

After handing her his bundle, he reached back and wrapped his arms around the back of her knees.


He smiled, then, unfolding the blanket , began to wrap the sleeping boy in it.

Then his only covering was a blanket in which he wrapped himself.

Kalchu was wearing his rope-soled woollen boots and a red, brown and yellow striped blanket wrapped around his shoulders.

There were images of blanket-wrapped residents on a city street.


Above that a heavy mantle is wrapped all round the body and brought over the head.

They wrapped his body in a sheet and carried it down to the street.

We wrapped the body in a blanket, then my husband buried it secretly in the hills.

It was wrapped around the body and over the left shoulder where it was draped in folds which nearly reached the floor.

Whatever the case, the sheet would have been wrapped around the body in the customary fashion with top- and bottom-knots.

She stood leaning against the tiled wall with a towel wrapped around her body .


Joan wrapped the sturdy cloak more closely around herself, concealing all but the lower part of her face.

Li Yuan rose, knowing it was important, letting Master Nan wrap the cloak about his nakedness.

Bruce stirred and wrapped his cloak firmly about him.

We must beware of the use of ethnicity to wrap a spurious cloak of legitimacy around the speaker who invokes it.

The piper was coming towards him wrapped in a black cloak , playing ... what had he been playing?


I noticed he was carrying something wrapped in a cloth and could only have used one hand for balance.

A dummy made of a diving suit, sitting in a wheelchair and wrapped with cloth was stuck with safety pins.

She had it wrapped in a cloth and hidden in her dress, next to her bosom.

The loose trimmings I wrap in cloth to bury under you.

Unfortunately, their record appears to have been wrapped in thick cloth while being records; it is muffled as anything.

When the record on the box finished, the girls from the cage climbed down and wrapped some sequined cloth around themselves.

It was a parcel wrapped in oil cloth .


There must have been a draught because I wrapped my coat around my knees.

Nenna used to wrap up in her coat and bring out two rugs for him.


On the other hand you don't wrap things up in cotton wool.

So, don't wrap your children in cotton wool.


His fingers wrapped themselves round her ankles, sliding upwards, making her skin tingle.

I felt his fingers wrapping around mine.

She couldn't quite suppress a gasp of pain as those long, powerful fingers wrapped around her swollen wrist.


They can also be wrapped separately in foil and refrigerated.

The dolls used to be porcelain, but these days tiny plastic babies wrapped in foil usually suffice.

He lost three stones in weight and had to be wrapped in tin foil in hospital because of heat loss.

Fold meat over to enclose stuffing, then wrap in aluminum foil to hold shape.

A white tablet, wrapped in foil , with a bird stamped on one side and a smiley face on the other.

They smiled a great deal; they offered him cigars and little, flat packages wrapped in gold foil .


The brunette gift wrapped a bomb and handed it to grateful squaddies on point duty in Northern Ireland.

But the cool grape leaves that encase the rice like gift wrapping are fork tender.

Friends in the United States would be rewarded with the first stool of a new-born gorilla, carefully gift-wrapped .

Anyone who would gift wrap something intended for a male is nuts.

Before 1940, Christmas gifts were wrapped only for posting, though a ribbon might be tied round a special present.

They passed the last-minute shoppers loaded down with gifts wrapped in gold and silver paper rushing toward their high-rise condos.


A bulky shawl wrapped her head and shoulders and was crossed at her back.

An orni was tucked into it and wrapped around my head .

Pieces of shirt had been wrapped round their heads .

Some had sense enough to wrap their heads in their shirts, cover their faces with rags, put on their shoes.

She was wrapped from head to foot in an old-fashioned opera cloak, of blue velvet.

Every summer, they ventured into the streets with their usual paraphernalia, umbrellas and towels wrapped impertinently around their heads .

She is a large woman with hair the color of a cast-iron skillet, worn in braids wrapped around her head .

One wraps his head with a thick towel and covers it with a hood.


Joy as sheet of old newspaper whirled across the road and wrapped itself round my leg .

The man lifts up the woman so that she can wrap her legs round him.

The leash had gotten wrapped around his legs .

I pushed her up against the wall and she wrapped her legs round my waist.

He wrapped his legs round Mariana, an arm across her chest, his other hand on the tiller arm.

Cora-Beth had a warm travelling-rug wrapped round her legs , and they were both muffled in heavy, fur-lined coats and caps.


And, if he calls the Amazon mighty once more, I will wrap it round his neck .

One of his arms wraps loosely around my neck .

She smiled contentedly like the Cheshire Cat, and stretched her arms to wrap around his neck as he lay beside her.

He thinks you broke her hyoid bone with a silk stocking wrapped around her neck .


She thrust the customary tip towards the croupier with a slip of paper wrapped around a plaque.

Her secret would come out sooner or later; paper could not wrap up a fire.

Paul paper with wrapped in tissue and waited.

I finished one bagel and crumpled the paper it had come wrapped in.

The paper was found, wrapped around some cigars, on an abandoned Confederate campground.

But when he went to the laboratories, he noticed the paper used to wrap three of the swatches was wet.


Carry your spares in their original bubble pack or, if loose, wrap each battery in plastic .

She wrapped the blazing plastic in a cloth and drove away to pass the sweltering hours until she could visit again.

If a toy is wrapped in a plastic bag make sure that you keep the bag out of the reach of children.

Rindless cheeses are produced by wrapping cheeses in plastic .

They take tissue from an animal and wrap it in plastic before transplanting it.

Another tip for a different effect is to wrap a plastic bag around the roller with a rubber band.

There's something inside, wrapped up in a plastic bag.


I dig the garden, or wrap my Christmas presents .

It looks like an elegantly wrapped present that might have been purchased at Fred Segal.

The afternoon that she had intended to use to wrap Christmas presents was already dying.


Head wrapped in a scarf and tied over her chin.

A baseball cap wrapped with a scarf protects him from the sun.

And at the bottom, wrapped in the light-red scarf Carolina had often worn to class, is a Walkman.


She walked, still wrapped in the sheet , into the living room.

Maybe he wrapped her in a sheet .


Some one rushed out with wet towels to wrap around him.

I grab my towel and wrap it around myself, hiding everything I can.

She stood leaning against the tiled wall with a towel wrapped around her body.

Every summer, they ventured into the streets with their usual paraphernalia, umbrellas and towels wrapped impertinently around their heads.

Duncan stood there, naked apart from a towel wrapped round his mid-section.

All her towels made for wrapping around twice.


But what is all that leaping into each others' arms, Peli with his legs wrapped round Jairzinho's waist ?

Mom stands upright, her skis over her shoulder, a pair of climbing skins wrapped jauntily about her waist .

He had forgotten the rope wrapped round his waist .

There were porters sitting there who had ropes wrapped around their waists .

He stood there, red-shirted, on the steps, his coat wrapped around his waist .

She whirled to face him, braced for further interrogation, her arms wrapped defensively across her waist .

She just felt hopelessly entangled in the strong brown arms that were wrapped around her waist .


She was wrapped in soft brown wool .


twist/wrap/wind sb around your little finger

wrap sb (up) in cotton wool

wrap up warm

She's all wrapped up warm with this big old coat on.


And so, with her emotions wrapped up safely in a package of anger, Lisa proceeded to face the coming fortnight.

Hank says our steps are wrapped around a phone pole two blocks down the beach.

Here she was, locked in a cupboard, and wrapped in a tablecloth.

It is modern technology all wrapped up without the cable to trip over, and the restriction of power point locations.

So he presents his plan in fragments, and he wraps it in warm rhetoric aimed at pleasing moderate Democrats and independents.

Trent gathered it and wrapped it with ties to the boom before going forward to raise the storm jib.

II. noun




Flatten slightly into disk and wrap in plastic wrap.

Put them on a plate, cover lightly with plastic wrap , and refrigerate.

Cover in plastic wrap and refrigerate 1 hour.

The price is right and the laundry comes returned to you in an vacuum-tight plastic wrap .

Press mixture down hard and wrap in plastic wrap.

Return to a clean bowl and cover with damp towel or plastic wrap , or put the bowl inside a plastic bag.

Cover bowl with plastic wrap and let dough rise in a warm place until it has doubled in bulk.



The tubes are protected in a plastic pouch and bubble wrap .

Insulate the ducts that carry heat to your home with bubble wrap .


Give your gifts a special finishing touch by making this sparkly gift wrap .

Keep holiday gift wrap in good condition from year to year.



Handle just enough to form dough into ball. Cover in plastic wrap and refrigerate 1 hour.

Remove pancakes, peel them apart, and set aside. Cover with plastic wrap until ready to use.

Refrigerate at least 90 minutes or overnight if covered with plastic wrap .

Use right away, or cover fully with plastic wrap to preserve moisture.


There is some multimedia hardware on-board that the company is trying to keep pretty much under wraps .

Mars Inc. had a wrapper problem it wanted to keep under wraps .

But in the interests of security we are keeping the information under wraps .

Dole aides denied that he was being kept under wraps to prevent further erosion in his support.

The second report by a banking inspector has also been kept under wraps .

The Left would like a civilian, but if there is a candidate it is keeping him under wraps .

Which is why, if you've got a bad temper, you probably do your utmost to keep it under wraps .

But officials deny they've been keeping their proposals under wraps .


twist/wrap/wind sb around your little finger

wrap up warm

She's all wrapped up warm with this big old coat on.


The women wore evening gowns and light summer wraps.


Put in the dough and cover with a damp towel or plastic wrap or place the bowl inside a plastic bag.

Skoda will pull the wraps off their Fabia saloon, the Octavia 4X4 hatchback and a mystery concept car.

Steam pancakes briefly to reheat or wrap in plastic wrap and heat in microwave.

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