Meaning of WRAP in English

[wrap] vb wrapped ; wrap.ping [ME wrappen] vt (14c) 1 a: to cover esp. by winding or folding b: to envelop and secure for transportation or storage: bundle c: enfold, embrace d: to coil, fold, draw, or twine (as string or cloth) around something

2. a: surround, envelop b: to suffuse or surround with an aura or state "the affair was wrapped in scandal" c: to involve completely: engross--usu. used with up

3: to conceal or obscure as if by enveloping

4: to enclose as if with a protective covering

5: to finish filming or videotaping "~ a movie" ~ vi 1: to wind, coil, or twine so as to encircle or cover something

2: to put on clothing: dress--usu. used with up

3: to be subject to covering, enclosing, or packaging--usu. used with up

4: to come to completion in filming or videotaping

[2]wrap n (15c) 1 a (1): wrapper, wrapping (2): material used for wrapping "plastic ~" b: an article of clothing that may be wrapped round a person; esp: an outer garment (as a coat or shawl) c: blanket

2: a single turn or convolution of something wound round an object

3: pl a: restraint b: a shroud of secrecy

4: the completion of a schedule or session for filming or videotaping [3]wrap adj (1948): wraparound 1

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