Meaning of -EE in English


-ee BrE AmE iː, eɪ, i —Where this is a genuine suffix, it is usually stressed, as ˌ pay ˈ ee, ˌ absen ˈ tee. In words spelt -ee where it is not a genuine suffix, it may be stressed ( ˌ refe ˈ ree) ; or unstressed but strong ( ˈ pedigree -ɡriː ) ; or weak (committee kə ˈmɪt i AmE -ˈmɪt̬ i ) . If alternatively spelt -ée , it is pronounced eɪ (see next entry).


-ee, -ée BrE AmE eɪ —Often unstressed in British English, but usually stressed in American English, as matinee ˈ••• AmE ˌ••ˈ• , fiancee •ˈ•• AmE \ ˌ••ˈ•

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