Meaning of -EE in English

I. (|)ē noun suffix

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English -e, from Middle French -é, from Old French, from -é, past participle ending of some verbs, from Latin -atus, past participle ending of 1st conjunction verbs — more at -ate (adjective suffix)

1. : animate and usually human undergoer, recipient, or beneficiary of (a specified action)

appoint ee

draft ee

grant ee

train ee

trust ee

2. : person furnished with (a specified thing)

patent ee

3. : person that performs (a specified action)

escap ee

stand ee

II. noun suffix

( -s )

Etymology: probably alteration of -ie

1. : one associated with

barg ee

goal ee

town ee

2. : a particular especially small kind of

boot ee

coat ee

3. : one resembling or suggestive of

goat ee

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