Meaning of ACCESSIBLE in English


ac ‧ ces ‧ si ‧ ble AC /əkˈsesəb ə l, əkˈsesɪb ə l/ BrE AmE adjective

[ Word Family: noun : ↑ access , ↑ accessibility ≠ ↑ inaccessibility ; verb : ↑ access ; adverb : ↑ accessibly ≠ ↑ inaccessibly ; adjective : ↑ accessible ≠ ↑ inaccessible ]

1 . a place, building, or object that is accessible is easy to reach or get into OPP inaccessible :

The island is only accessible by boat.

There is a church which is easily accessible from my home.

2 . easy to obtain or use

accessible to

the need for a health service that is accessible to all

easily/readily accessible

Computers should be made readily accessible to teachers and pupils.

3 . someone who is accessible is easy to meet and talk to, even if they are very important or powerful SYN approachable :

I think that you’ll find she’s very accessible.

4 . a book, poem, painting etc that is accessible is easy to understand and enjoy

accessible to

He wants his music to be accessible to everyone.

—accessibly adverb

—accessibility /əkˌsesəˈbɪləti, əkˌsesəˈbɪlɪti/ noun [uncountable]

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