Meaning of ACCESSIBLE in English


 ̷ ̷ˈ ̷ ̷əbəl adjective

Etymology: French, from Late Latin accessibilis, from Latin accessus (past participle of accedere to approach) + -ibilis -ible — more at accede

1. : capable of being used as an entrance : providing access

one ascent accessible from earth — John Milton


a. : capable of being reached or easily approached

a town accessible by rail

: easy to meet

b. : easy to get along with, talk to, or deal with : approachable , communicative

an accessible and genial man

3. : capable of being influenced or affected : open

accessible to the flattery of this honest praise — Elinor Wylie

4. : capable of being used, seen, known, or experienced : available

a book accessible to all students

: comprehensible

readily accessible to the nonprofessional reader — J.K.Galbraith

• ac·ces·si·bly -blē, -i adverb

• ac·ces·si·ble·ness -bəlnə̇s noun -es

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