Meaning of -ATE in English


-ate /ət, ɪt, eɪt/ BrE AmE suffix

[ Language: Latin ; Origin: -atus ]

1 . [in adjectives] full of or showing a particular quality:

affectionate (=showing love)

2 . [in verbs] to make something have a particular quality:

activate (=make something start working)

regulate (=control something or make it regular)

3 . [in nouns] a group of people with particular duties:

the electorate (=voters)

4 . [in nouns] the job, rank, or degree of a particular type of person:

She was awarded her doctorate (=↑ PhD ) .

5 . [in nouns] a chemical salt formed from a particular acid:


—-ately /ətli, ɪtli/ [in adverbs] :


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