Meaning of -ATE in English




1. forming nouns denoting: a status or office (doctorate; episcopate). b state or function (curate; magistrate; mandate).

2 Chem. forming nouns denoting the salt of an acid with a corresponding name ending in -ic (chlorate; nitrate).

3 forming nouns denoting a group (electorate).

4 Chem. forming nouns denoting a product (condensate; filtrate).

Etymology: from or after OF -at or {eacute}(e) or f. L -atus noun or past part.: cf. -ATE(2) 2.


1. forming adjectives and nouns (associate; delegate; duplicate; separate).

2 forming adjectives from Latin or English nouns and adjectives (cordate; insensate; Italianate).

Etymology: from or after (F -{eacute} f.) L - atus past part. of verbs in -are 3.

suffix forming verbs (associate; duplicate; fascinate; hyphenate; separate).

Etymology: from or after (F -er f.) L - are (past part. -atus): cf. -ATE(2)

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