Meaning of -ATE in English


[-ate] n suffix [ME -at, fr. OF, fr. L -atus, -atum, masc. & neut. of -atus, pp. ending] 1: one acted upon (in a specified way) "distillate"

2. [NL -atum, fr. L]: chemical compound or complex anion derived from a (specified) compound or element "phenolate"; esp: salt or ester of an acid with a name ending in -ic and not beginning with hydro- "borate"

[2]-ate n suffix [ME -at, fr. OF, fr. L -atus, fr. -a-, stem vowel of 1st conj. + -tus, suffix of verbal nouns] 1: office: function: rank: group of persons holding a (specified) office or rank or having a (specified) function "vicarate"

2: state: dominion: jurisdiction "emirate" "khanate" [3]-ate adj suffix [ME -at, fr. L -atus, fr. pp. ending of 1st conj. verbs, fr. -a-, stem vowel of 1st conj. + -tus, pp. suffix--more at -ed]: marked by having "craniate" [4]-ate vb suffix [ME -aten, fr. L -atus, pp. ending]: act on (in a specified way) "insulate": cause to be modified or affected by "camphorate": cause to become "activate": furnish with "capacitate"

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