Meaning of CHEESE in English


cheese S2 W3 /tʃiːz/ BrE AmE noun [uncountable and countable]

[ Language: Old English ; Origin: cese ]

1 . a solid food made from milk, which is usually yellow or white in colour, and can be soft or hard:

half a kilo of cheese

a cheese sandwich

Sprinkle with the grated cheese.

a selection of English cheeses

piece/bit/slice/lump etc of cheese

cow’s/goat’s/sheep’s cheese (=from the milk of a cow etc)

2 . (say) cheese! spoken used to tell people to smile when you are going to take their photograph

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■ phrases

▪ a piece/bit of cheese

Would you like a piece of cheese?

▪ a slice of cheese

Sue cut six thin slices of cheese.

▪ a lump/hunk of cheese (=a large piece)

We just had bread and a hunk of cheese for lunch.

▪ a wedge of cheese (=a piece which is thin at one end and thick at the other)

I bought a half pound wedge of cheese.

▪ bread and cheese

Lunch was bread and cheese.

▪ cheese and biscuits

After the meal we had coffee with cheese and biscuits.

▪ cheese on toast (=melted cheese on toast)

Would you like some cheese on toast?

■ adjectives

▪ strong

This is one of the strongest French cheeses.

▪ mild (=without a strong taste)

The cheese is mild and creamy.

▪ hard cheese

Use a hard cheese such as Cheddar for grating.

▪ soft cheese (=that you can spread)

Camembert is my favourite soft cheese.

▪ grated cheese (=that has been cut into many small pieces using a special tool)

Cover the vegetables with the grated cheese.

▪ melted cheese

Nachos are good with melted cheese.

▪ goat's cheese (=made from goat's milk)

▪ cream cheese (=a type of soft smooth white cheese)

▪ cottage cheese (=a type of soft white cheese with small lumps in it)

▪ blue cheese (=a type of cheese with blue lines in it and a strong taste)

▪ processed cheese (=with substances added to preserve it)

■ verbs

▪ grate cheese (=cut it into many small pieces using a special tool)

Would you grate some cheese for me?

▪ sprinkle cheese over/on something (=put small pieces of cheese over/on something)

Sprinkle the cheese over the top.

▪ top something with cheese (=put cheese on top of something)

Top the potatoes with grated cheese.

■ cheese + NOUN

▪ a cheese sandwich

I'll make you a cheese sandwich.

▪ a cheese omelette

Lunch was a cheese omelette with salad.

▪ (a) cheese sauce

I made a cheese sauce to go with the pasta.

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