Meaning of CHEESE in English


/ tʃiːz; NAmE / noun


[ U , C ] a type of food made from milk that can be either soft or hard and is usually white or yellow in colour; a particular type of this food :

Cheddar cheese

goat's cheese (= made from the milk of a goat )

a cheese sandwich / salad

a chunk / piece / slice of cheese

a selection of French cheeses

a cheese knife (= a knife with a special curved blade with two points on the end, used for cutting and picking up pieces of cheese)

—picture at cutlery

—see also American cheese , blue cheese , cauliflower cheese , cottage cheese , cream cheese , macaroni cheese


cheese! what you ask sb to say before you take their photograph


see big adjective , chalk noun , hard adjective



Old English cēse , cӯse , of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch kaas and German Käse ; from Latin caseus .

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