Meaning of CLARK in English


I. Clark, Dick /klɑːk $ klɑːrk/ BrE AmE

(1929–) a US television ↑ presenter of several ↑ game show s and other programmes including ↑ American Bandstand . He is considered to look very young for his age.

II. Clark, Helen BrE AmE

(1950-) a New Zealand politician who became Prime Minister of New Zealand in 1999

III. Clark, Sir Ken ‧ neth /ˈkenəθ/ BrE AmE

(1903–83) a British writer and broadcaster on the history of art, known in the UK especially for his 1960s television programme Civilization

IV. Clark, William BrE AmE

(1770–1838) a US ↑ explorer ⇨ ↑ Lewis and Clark

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