Meaning of CLARK in English


I. ˈklärk biographical name

Champ ˈchamp 1850-1921 James Beau·champ ˈbē-chəm Clark American politician

II. biographical name

George Rogers 1752-1818 American soldier & frontiersman

III. biographical name

Helen 1950-     prime minister of New Zealand (1999-    )

IV. biographical name

Joe 1939-     Charles Joseph Clark Canadian politician; prime minister (1979-80)

V. biographical name

Kenneth Bancroft 1914-     American psychologist

VI. biographical name

Kenneth Mackenzie 1903-1983 Baron Clark of Saltwood British art historian

VII. biographical name

Mark Wayne 1896-1984 American general

VIII. biographical name

Tom Campbell 1899-1977 American jurist

IX. biographical name

William 1770-1838 brother of G.R. American explorer

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