Meaning of DRAWING in English

draw ‧ ing S3 W3 /ˈdrɔːɪŋ $ ˈdrɒː-/ BrE AmE noun

1 . [countable] a picture that you draw with a pencil, pen etc

drawing of

a drawing of Canterbury Cathedral

2 . [uncountable] the art or skill of making pictures, plans etc with a pen or pencil:

I’ve never been very good at drawing.

3 . [countable] American English a competition in which people whose names or tickets are chosen by chance win money or prizes SYN draw British English :

The church social will include a buffet dinner and a prize drawing.

• • •


■ verbs

▪ do/make a drawing

Sammy was doing a drawing of his sister.

▪ a drawing shows something

The drawing showed a castle surrounded by woods.


▪ a detailed drawing

He made detailed drawings of animals and flowers.

▪ a line drawing (=consisting only of lines)

The front cover had a line drawing of a girl on the beach.

▪ a pencil/ink/charcoal etc drawing (=done using a pencil, ink etc)

I like to do a few pencil drawings when I go away anywhere.

▪ a scale drawing (=showing the correct relative sizes of things)

The architect made a scale drawing of the new room.

• • •


▪ drawing a picture drawn with a pencil, pen, crayon etc:

I did a drawing of the front of the house.

▪ sketch a drawing that is done quickly and has few details:

When she was traveling, she drew quick sketches of the places she’d seen.

▪ doodle a shape or pattern that you draw when you are bored or thinking about other things:

His schoolbooks were always covered in doodles.

▪ graffiiti drawings or writing that people secretly put on walls or other public places:

Vandals had covered the station in graffiti.

▪ comic strip a series of pictures drawn inside boxes that tell a story, especially in a newspaper or magazine:

Asterix started off in a comic strip.

▪ cartoon a funny drawing in a newspaper or magazine:

There is a 'New Yorker' cartoon which depicts various inventions for keeping warm.

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