Meaning of DRAWING in English



( -s )

Usage: often attributive

Etymology: Middle English, from gerund of drawen to draw — more at draw

1. : an act or instance of drawing ; specifically : an occasion when something is decided by a drawing of lots

there being 607 applications for 81 parcels of land a drawing will be held to determine the recipient of each parcel


a. : the projection of an image or a series of points by the forming of lines on a surface (as by use of a pencil, pen, or etchers' point)

neat careful drawing

broadly : formation of a representation in which delineation plays a determining part

b. : the art or technique of representing an object or outlining a figure, plan, or sketch by means of lines

a professor of drawing

3. : something that is drawn or subject to drawing: as

a. : money taken in (as by a business or for a particular purpose)

b. : a figure or representation formed by drawing : sketch , plan

a drawing of his sister

a magnificent scale drawing

c. : a portion of tea for steeping

- in drawing

- out of drawing

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