Meaning of FOAM in English

I. foam 1 /fəʊm $ foʊm/ BrE AmE noun [uncountable]

[ Language: Old English ; Origin: fam ]

1 . ( also foam rubber ) a type of soft rubber with a lot of air in it, used in furniture:

a foam mattress

2 . a mass of very small bubbles on the surface of a liquid SYN froth :

The sea was covered in foam.

3 . a substance which is like a very thick soft liquid with a lot of bubbles in it:

Firefighters using water and foam are still tackling the blaze.

shaving foam

—foamy adjective

II. foam 2 BrE AmE verb [intransitive]

1 . to produce foam:

The green water splashed and foamed over the rocks.

2 . be foaming at the mouth

a) to have bubbles coming out of your mouth because you are very ill

b) informal to be very angry

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