Meaning of GRIT in English


I. grit 1 /ɡrɪt/ BrE AmE noun [uncountable]

[ Sense 1-2: Language: Old English ; Origin: greot ]

[ Sense 3: Language: Old English ; Origin: grytt ]

1 . very small pieces of stone or sand:

Make sure both surfaces are free from dust and grit.

The council is responsible for putting grit on icy roads.

2 . informal determination and courage SYN guts

3 . grits American English a type of grain that is roughly crushed and cooked, and often eaten for breakfast

II. grit 2 BrE AmE verb ( past tense and past participle gritted , present participle gritting ) [transitive]

1 . to scatter grit on a frozen road to make it less slippery

2 . grit your teeth

a) to use all your determination to continue in spite of difficulties:

Just grit your teeth and hang on – it’ll be over soon.

b) to bite your teeth together, especially when you are in pain, angry, or under pressure:

Ben gritted his teeth, hoping Sasha wouldn’t notice his fear.

‘No, that’s alright,’ she said through gritted teeth.

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