Meaning of HAZARD in English

I. haz ‧ ard 1 /ˈhæzəd $ -ərd/ BrE AmE noun [countable]

[ Date: 1200-1300 ; Language: Old French ; Origin: hasard 'game of chance played with dice' , from Arabic az-zahr 'the chance' ]

1 . something that may be dangerous, or cause accidents or problems

hazard to/for

Polluted water sources are a hazard to wildlife.

That pile of rubbish is a fire hazard (=something that is likely to cause a fire) .

health/safety hazard

the health hazard posed by lead in petrol

2 . a risk that cannot be avoided

the hazards of something

the economic hazards of running a small farm

occupational hazard (=a danger that exists in a job)

Divorce seems to be an occupational hazard for politicians.

• • •



▪ a health hazard

The rubbish needs to be removed before it becomes a health hazard.

▪ a fire hazard

The unoccupied building was declared a fire hazard.

▪ a safety hazard

Protesters claim that the nuclear reactor is a safety hazard.

▪ a traffic hazard

Cars parked in the wrong places can cause a traffic hazard.

▪ a natural hazard (=a hazard caused by nature)

One of the most widespread natural hazards is flooding.

▪ an environmental hazard (=a danger or problem in the environment)

Oil from the tanker caused an environmental hazard.

▪ a serious/major hazard

Lead pipes are a serious hazard to health.

▪ a potential hazard

Microwave ovens are a potential hazard if not used properly.

■ verbs

▪ cause/create a hazard

There was concern that overhead power lines could cause a health hazard.

▪ pose a hazard (=be a possible hazard)

It was not known whether radiation from the weapons posed any hazard to soldiers.

▪ eliminate a hazard (=get rid of a hazard)

They took steps to eliminate all potential fire hazards.

▪ reduce a hazard

He led the campaign to recognize and reduce the hazard from radiation in our environment.

• • •


▪ risk the chance that something bad may happen:

Smoking greatly increases the risk of lung cancer.

▪ threat the possibility that something very bad will happen:

the only way to reduce the threat of nuclear war

▪ hazard something that may be dangerous or cause accidents or problems:

natural hazards like avalanches

II. hazard 2 BrE AmE verb [transitive]

1 . to say something that is only a suggestion or guess and that might not be correct:

$50,000? I don’t know. I’m only hazarding a guess.

2 . formal to risk losing your money, property etc in an attempt to gain something

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