Meaning of INFORMATION in English

in ‧ for ‧ ma ‧ tion S1 W1 /ˌɪnfəˈmeɪʃ ə n $ -fər-/ BrE AmE noun [uncountable]

[ Word Family: noun : ↑ informant , ↑ information , ↑ informer , ↑ misinformation , ↑ disinformation ; verb : ↑ inform , ↑ misinform ; adjective : ↑ informative ≠ UNINFORMATIVE , ↑ informed ≠ ↑ uninformed ; adverb : ↑ informatively ]

1 . facts or details that tell you something about a situation, person, event etc:

I need more information.

information that

We have received information that Grant may have left the country.

information about/on

The book contains information about a wide variety of subjects.

my/our etc information is (=used to say what you know about a situation)

My information is that Gary wants to stay with the club.


Information is an uncountable noun and has no plural form. Use a singular verb after it:

The information was not passed on to the hospital.


In everyday English, in informal contexts, people often use the expression tell someone something rather than using the noun information :

▪ I wonder if you could give me some information about your childhood. ➔ I wonder if you could tell me something about your childhood.

2 . American English the telephone service which provides telephone numbers to people who ask for them SYN directory enquiries British English

3 . for your information spoken used when you are telling someone that they are wrong about a particular fact:

For your information, I’ve worked as a journalist for six years.

4 . for information only written on copies of letters and documents that are sent to someone who needs to know about them but does not have to deal with them ⇨ inside information at ↑ inside 3 (2)

—informational adjective

• • •


■ ADJECTIVES/NOUN + information

▪ useful/valuable

The information he gave me was very useful.

▪ correct/accurate

Are you sure this information is correct?

▪ wrong/false

He was jailed for providing false information to the police.

▪ relevant (=about the subject you are interested in)

Some of the information in the article is not particularly relevant.

▪ confidential/secret

That information was confidential and should not have been passed on.

▪ more/further/additional information

For more information, visit our website.

▪ new information

The police have received new information about the case.

▪ the latest information (=information that has been discovered very recently)

We have access to all the latest information.

▪ the necessary information

This leaflet should provide you with all the necessary information.

▪ detailed information

More detailed information is available free on request.

▪ financial/economic information

The financial information contained in the report is based on the company's audited accounts.

▪ background information (=information explaining what happened before the present situation)

He gave us some background information about the trial.

■ verbs

▪ have information

Do you have any information about coach trips to Oxford?

▪ contain information

The documents contained top secret information.

▪ get/receive information

It is vital that people receive the information they need.

▪ give/provide information

a booklet giving information about local education services

▪ collect/gather information

The job consisted of gathering information about consumer needs.

▪ need information

When I needed information for my report, Jack was always extremely helpful.

▪ look for information ( also seek information formal )

Journalists going to the building to seek information were denied entry.

▪ exchange information (=give information to each other)

The meetings provided an opportunity to exchange information.

▪ disseminate information formal (=give it to a lot of people)

The internet plays a key role in disseminating information.

■ phrases

▪ a piece/bit of information ( also an item of information formal )

He provided me with several useful pieces of information.

▪ a source of information (=someone or something that can provide information)

Newspapers are valuable sources of information.

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