Meaning of INFORMATION in English


/ ˌɪnfəˈmeɪʃn; NAmE ˌɪnfərˈm-/ (also informal info ) noun [ U ]


information (on / about sb/sth) facts or details about sb/sth :

a piece of information

a source of information

to collect / gather / obtain / receive information

to provide / give / pass on information

For further information on the diet, write to us at this address.

Our information is that the police will shortly make an arrest.

This leaflet is produced for the information of (= to inform) our customers.

an information desk

He refused to comment before he had seen all the relevant information .


( NAmE , informal ) = directory enquiries

►  in·for·ma·tion·al / -ʃənl; NAmE / adjective [ only before noun ]:

the informational content of a book

the informational role of the media


- for information only

- for your information

—more at mine noun



late Middle English (also in the sense formation of the mind, teaching ), via Old French from Latin informatio(n-) , from the verb informare shape, fashion, describe, from in- into + forma a form.

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