Meaning of LIBRARY in English


li ‧ bra ‧ ry S2 W1 /ˈlaɪbrəri, -bri $ -breri/ BrE AmE noun ( plural libraries ) [countable]

[ Date: 1300-1400 ; Language: Medieval Latin ; Origin: librarium , from Latin liber 'book' ]

1 . a room or building containing books that can be looked at or borrowed ⇨ bookshop :

a public library

school/college/university library

a library book

library staff

2 . a group of books, CDs etc, collected by one person

3 . a room in a large house where books are kept

4 . a set of books, CDs, videos etc that are produced by the same company and have the same general appearance:

a library of modern classics

5 . library pictures/footage British English film or pictures used in a television programme which are not recent

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■ verbs

▪ go to/visit the library

I need to go to the library to return some books.

▪ use the library

You can use the library before or after school.

▪ borrow something from the library/take something out of the library

Books, CDs, DVDs, and magazines can be borrowed from the library.

▪ return something to the library/take something back to the library

Have you taken those books back to the library?

▪ check something out of the library American English (=borrow a book etc from the library)

You can check out up to ten books from the library.


▪ a public library (=a library that is supported by government money)

Our public libraries need more support.

▪ a school/university/college library

She was studying at the college library.

▪ a local library

This information is available at your local library.

▪ a lending library (=one that lends books)

Lending libraries became increasingly popular in Victorian times.

▪ a reference library (=one that does not lend books, so that you must read them there)

The reference library contains a collection of documents relating to slavery.

▪ a research library (=one that is good for doing research)

The university has one of the best research libraries in the world.

▪ a branch library (=a small library that is controlled by a larger library)

There is a good children's section in the branch library.

▪ a mobile library British English (=a small library inside a vehicle)

A mobile library visits the village once a week.

■ library + NOUN

▪ a library book

She's gone into town to change her library books.

▪ a library card (=a card that proves you are a member of a library and can borrow books)

When you join the library, you will be issued with a library card.

▪ a library user

Library users have been protesting against plans to close the local library.

▪ the library staff

If you have problems finding a book, ask a member of the library staff.

▪ library services

Public library services are threatened by budget cuts.

▪ a library catalogue

Students need to be taught how to use the computerized library catalogue.

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