Meaning of PIGGYBACK in English


I. pig ‧ gy ‧ back 1 /ˈpɪɡibæk/ BrE AmE ( also ˈpiggyback ˌride ) noun [countable]

if you give someone, especially a child, a piggyback, you carry them high on your shoulders, supporting them with your hands under their legs

—piggyback adverb

II. piggyback 2 BrE AmE verb [intransitive] informal

1 . to use something that is bigger, better, or more successful in order to help another product or project succeed

piggyback on/onto

videos that piggyback onto the success of proven TV programs

2 . to use someone else’s ↑ wi-fi connection to the Internet, without their knowledge or permission

piggyback on/onto

How can I prevent other people from piggybacking onto my connection?

—piggybacking noun [uncountable]

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