Meaning of PIGGYBACK in English


I. adverb

or pick·a·back also pig-a-back ˈpig]ēˌbak, ]iˌb- sometimes -ik] or ]əˌb-

Etymology: alteration of earlier a pick pack, a pickback, of unknown origin

1. : up on the back and shoulders

had her child with her … astraddle on her hip, or piggyback — John Bennett

shows a flood victim being carried from his home piggyback — Altoona (Pa.) Mirror

2. : on a railroad flatcar

the trailer rode piggyback from coast to coast

II. noun

or pickaback also pig-a-back “

1. : the act of carrying piggyback : the state of being carried piggyback

beg daddy for a piggyback — Parents' Magazine

2. : the process of loading, transporting, and unloading truck trailers on railroad flatcars or cars of special design

estimate the cost of shipping by piggyback

III. adjective

or pickaback also pig-a-back “

1. : marked by being up on the shoulders and back

a child needs hugging, tussling, and piggyback rides — Benjamin Spock

2. : of or relating to the hauling of truck trailers on railroad flatcars

piggyback service

piggyback cars

IV. transitive verb

1. : to carry up on the shoulders and back

swum with them and piggybacked them and attended them — R.P.Smith

piggybacking a crippled classmate to school for a whole year — Saturday Review

2. : to haul (as a truck trailer) by railroad car

intransitive verb

: to haul truck trailers usually loaded with commodities on railroad cars

the railroad has been piggybacking for quite a number of years

V. adjective

1. : of, relating to, or being something (as a capsule or package) carried into space as an extra load by a vehicle (as a spacecraft or rocket)

2. : of, relating to, or being a radio or television commercial that is presented in addition to other commercials during one commercial break

3. : supplemental : additional

• piggyback adverb

VI. transitive verb

: to set up or cause to function in conjunction with something larger or more important

school bus drivers' union is piggybacking its demand for recognition … on the teachers' strike — New Orleans (La.) Times-Picayune

intransitive verb

: to function or be carried as if on the back of another

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