Meaning of PRODUCT in English

prod ‧ uct S1 W1 /ˈprɒdʌkt $ ˈprɑː-/ BrE AmE noun

[ Word Family: noun : ↑ produce , ↑ producer , ↑ product , ↑ production , ↑ reproduction , ↑ productivity ; adjective : ↑ productive ≠ ↑ unproductive , ↑ counterproductive , ↑ reproductive , ↑ reproducible ; verb : ↑ produce , ↑ reproduce ; adverb : ↑ productively ]

[ Date: 1400-1500 ; Language: Latin ; Origin: productum , from the past participle of producere ; ⇨ ↑ produce 1 ]

1 . [uncountable and countable] something that is grown or made in a factory in large quantities, usually in order to be sold

agricultural/dairy/software etc products

consumer products such as VCRs

The London factory assembles the finished product.

He works in marketing and product development.

2 . the product of something

a) if someone is the product of a particular background or experience, their character is typical of that background or the result of that experience:

Paula was the product of a sheltered middle-class home.

b) if something is the product of a particular situation, process etc, it is the result of that situation or process:

The report was the product of four years’ hard work.

3 . [countable] technical the number you get by multiplying two or more numbers in ↑ mathematics

4 . [countable] something that is produced through a natural or chemical process:

Hemoglobin is a product of red blood cells.

• • •



▪ a commercial product

They help firms turn good ideas into commercial products.

▪ a consumer product (=one that is bought by the public)

Demand for consumer products has increased.

▪ household products

Do you know what chemicals are in household products such as washing powder and paint?

▪ beauty/hair products

She doesn’t buy beauty products that have been tested on animals.

▪ dairy/milk products

Some people are allergic to dairy products.

▪ meat products

meat products like sausages, pies and burgers

▪ the finished product

The quality of the finished product is all-important.

■ product + NOUN

▪ product development

The money will be used to fund product development.

▪ a product range/line (=the range of things that a company makes and sells)

We want to broaden the company’s product line.

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▪ product noun [countable] something that is made or produced in large quantities, usually in order to be sold:

consumer products such as mobile phones


dairy products

▪ goods noun [plural] things that are produced in order to be sold, especially for use in the home:

They sell furniture and other household goods.


electrical goods


white goods (=large electrical goods used in the home such as washing machines and refrigerators)

▪ commodity noun [countable] formal a type of product or raw material that can be bought and sold – used especially about basic food products, metals, and fuels:

The decline in prices for agricultural commodities made the economic situation worse.


All metal was a valuable commodity and was rarely wasted.

▪ merchandise noun [uncountable] formal things that are being sold, especially in shops:

Customers are not allowed to handle the merchandise.


Sales of books, videos, and other merchandise have increased.

▪ wares noun [plural] written things that are offered for sale, especially in a market or on the street:

In the market, the traders began selling their wares.


Merchants brought their wares from all over the world.

▪ export noun [countable often plural] a product that is sent to a foreign country in order to be sold:

US exports rose to $11.935 billion.


At the moment, oil is their biggest export.

▪ import noun [countable often plural] goods that are brought from one country into another to be sold there:

The UK clothing industry cannot compete with foreign imports on price.

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