Meaning of PROVISIONAL in English

pro ‧ vi ‧ sion ‧ al /prəˈvɪʒ ə nəl/ BrE AmE adjective formal

[ Word Family: noun : ↑ provider , ↑ provision , provisions; verb : ↑ provide , ↑ provision ; adverb : ↑ provisionally ; adjective : ↑ provisional ]

likely or able to be changed in the future:

a provisional government

We accept provisional bookings by phone.

—provisionally adverb :

The meeting has been provisionally arranged for the end of May.

• • •


▪ temporary continuing for only a limited period of time:

I’ve got a temporary office job, but I hope I’ll find something more permanent soon.


I’m sure the problem is only temporary.


temporary staff


a temporary visa

▪ provisional temporary – used especially about arrangements or information that people may decide to change in the future. Also used about licences or governments which are only arranged to last for a short time:

Does the hotel accept provisional bookings?


They have set a provisional date for the next meeting.


a provisional driving licence


In June, the rebels claimed to have formed a provisional government.


Provisional figures yesterday from the Department of Transport showed that 4,274 people were killed last year — 6 percent fewer than the previous year.

▪ stopgap [only before noun] temporary – used about something that you use for a short time until you can replace it with something better:

The Republicans will approve the one-month budget as a stopgap measure to keep the state operating.


This is only a stopgap solution to the country’s debt problem.

▪ passing [only before noun] temporary – used about an interest, thought, or feeling that is short and not very serious:

Tonight’s game will be exciting, even to those with only a passing interest in the sport.


As a student, I didn’t give working in finance even a passing thought.

▪ ephemeral formal existing or popular for only a short time:

the ephemeral beauty of white snow on green trees and bare branches


Many new words, particularly slang, are fleeting and ephemeral.

▪ transient formal continuing for only a limited time, or staying somewhere for only a short time – used especially to say that something is always changing, or people only stay somewhere for a short time:

the transient nature of life


transient changes in the electrical properties of the neurons


Arizona has a highly transient population.

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