Meaning of SPHERICAL in English

spher ‧ i ‧ cal AC /ˈsferɪk ə l/ BrE AmE adjective

[ Word Family: noun : ↑ sphere ; adjective : ↑ spherical ]

having the shape of a sphere SYN round

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■ describing types of shapes

▪ square shaped like a square:

a square box

▪ circular/round shaped like a circle:

a circular table

▪ semicircular shaped like a semicircle:

a semicircular arch above the door

▪ triangular shaped like a triangle:

sails divided into triangular sections

▪ rectangular shaped like a rectangle:

a simple rectangular building

▪ oval shaped like an oval:

an oval swimming pool

▪ cylindrical shaped like a cylinder:

The statue is on top of a tall cylindrical column.

▪ spherical shaped like a ball:

The planet Saturn is not completely spherical.

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