Meaning of ABORTION in English



situation where an unborn baby leaves the womb before the end of pregnancy, especially during the first twenty-eight weeks of pregnancy when it is not likely to survive birth

to have an abortion = to have an operation to make a fetus leave the womb during the first period of pregnancy; the girl asked the clinic if she could have an abortion; she had two abortions before her first child was born

complete abortion = abortion where the whole contents of the uterus are expelled

criminal abortion or illegal abortion = abortion which is carried out illegally

habitual abortion or recurrent abortion = condition where a woman has several abortions with successive pregnancies

incomplete abortion = abortion where part of the contents of the uterus is not expelled

induced abortion = abortion which is produced by drugs or by surgery

legal abortion = abortion which is carried out legally

spontaneous abortion = MISCARRIAGE

therapeutic abortion = abortion which is carried out because the health of the mother is in danger

threatened abortion = possible abortion in the early stages of pregnancy, indicated by bleeding

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