Meaning of ALCOHOL in English



pure colourless liquid, which forms part of drinks such as wine and whisky, and which is formed by the action of yeast on sugar solutions

alcohol abuse or alcohol addiction = condition where a patient is addicted to drinking alcohol and cannot stop

alcohol poisoning = poisoning and disease caused by excessive drinking of alcohol

pure alcohol or ethyl alcohol or ethanol = colourless liquid, which is the basis of drinking alcohols (whisky, gin, vodka, etc.) and which is also used in medicines and as a disinfectant

denatured alcohol = ethyl alcohol (such as methylated spirit, rubbing alcohol, surgical spirit) with an additive (usually methyl alcohol) to make it unpleasant to drink

methyl alcohol = wood alcohol (poisonous alcohol used for heating)

alcohol rub = rubbing a bedridden patient with alcohol to help protect against bedsores and as a tonic

English dictionary of medicine.      Английский словарь медицины.