Meaning of BLANK in English


I. adjective see: black Date: 14th century colorless , 2. appearing or causing to appear dazed, confounded, or nonplussed , expressionless , 3. devoid of covering or content, having spaces to be filled in, lacking interest, variety, or change , absolute , unqualified , unfinished , see: empty ~ly adverb ~ness noun II. noun Date: 1554 the bull's-eye of a target, 2. an empty space (as on a paper), a paper with spaces for the entry of data , 3. a piece of material prepared to be made into something (as a key) by a further operation, a cartridge loaded with propellant and a seal but no projectile, 4. an empty or featureless place or space , a vacant or uneventful period , a dash substituting for an omitted word, III. verb Date: circa 1765 transitive verb 1. obscure , obliterate , to stop access to ; seal , to keep (an opponent) from scoring , intransitive verb fade , to become confused or abstracted

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