Meaning of BLANK in English


adj. 1 empty, plain, bare I stared at the blank paper, unable to write even my name 2 unornamented, unadorned, undecorated, void Whenever Irena sees a blank wall she feels compelled to hang a painting on it 3 vacant, empty The actor's mind went completely blank he had forgotten his lines 4 passive, impassive, expressionless, emotionless, vacuous, mindless, unexpressive He gave us a blank look when asked about the missing rare stamps 5 disconcerted, discomfited, nonplussed, confused, helpless, resourceless, perplexed, dazed, bewildered The two old men looked at each other with blank and horror-stricken faces 6 unrelieved, stark, sheer, utter, pure, unmixed, absolute, unqualified Jack faced the blank prospect of solitary confinement

n. 7 space; line, box Please fill in the blanks on the form 8 nothing, zero, nil; void, emptiness I asked her when the baby was coming, but I drew a blank

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