Meaning of JOINT in English


I. noun Etymology: Middle English ~e, from Anglo-French, from joindre Date: 13th century 1. a. the point of contact between elements of an animal skeleton with the parts that surround and support it, node 5b, a part or space included between two articulations, knots, or nodes, a large piece of meat for roasting, 2. a place where two things or parts are joined, a space between the adjacent surfaces of two bodies joined and held together (as by cement or mortar), a fracture or crack in rock not accompanied by dislocation, the flexing part of a cover along either spine edge of a book, the junction of two or more members of a framed structure, a union formed by two abutting rails in a track including the elements (as bars and bolts) necessary to hold the abutting rails together, an area at which two ends, surfaces, or edges are attached, 3. a shabby or disreputable place of entertainment, place , establishment , prison 2, a marijuana cigarette, ~ed adjective ~edly adverb ~edness noun II. adjective Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French, from past participle of joindre Date: 14th century united , combined , common to two or more: as, a. involving the united activity of two or more , constituting an activity, operation, or organization in which elements of more than one armed service participate , constituting an action or expression of two or more governments , shared by or affecting two or more , united, joined, or sharing with another (as in a right or status) , being a function of or involving two or more variables and especially random variables, ~ly adverb III. verb Etymology: 1~ Date: 1530 transitive verb to separate the ~s of (as meat), 2. to unite by a ~ ; fit together, to provide with a ~ ; articulate , to prepare (as a board) for joining by planing the edge, intransitive verb to fit as if by ~s , to form ~s as a stage in growth

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