Meaning of ORDER in English

I. verb (~ed; ~ing) Etymology: Middle English, from ordre, noun Date: 13th century transitive verb to put in ~ ; arrange , 2. to give an ~ to ; command , destine , ordain , to command to go or come to a specified place , to give an ~ for , intransitive verb to bring about ~ ; regulate , 2. to issue ~s ; command , to give or place an ~, ~able adjective ~er noun Synonyms: see: ~ see: command II. noun Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French ordre, from Medieval Latin & Latin; Medieval Latin ordin-, ordo ecclesiastical ~, from Latin, arrangement, group, class; akin to Latin ordiri to lay the warp, begin Date: 14th century 1. a group of people united in a formal way: as, a fraternal society , a community under a religious rule, a badge or medal of such a society, 2. any of the several grades of the Christian ministry, the office of a person in the Christian ministry, ordination , 3. a rank, class, or special group in a community or society, a class of persons or things grouped according to quality, value, or natural characteristics: as, a category of taxonomic classification ranking above the family and below the class, the broadest category in soil classification, 4. a. rank , level , category , class , b. the arrangement or sequence of objects or of events in time , a sequential arrangement of mathematical elements, degree 12a, b, d. the number of times differentiation is applied successively , the ~ of the derivative of highest ~, the number of columns or rows or columns and rows in a magic square, determinant, or matrix , the number of elements in a finite mathematical group, 5. a. a sociopolitical system , a particular sphere or aspect of a sociopolitical system , a regular or harmonious arrangement , 6. a prescribed form of a religious service ; rite , the customary mode of procedure especially in debate , 7. the state of peace, freedom from confused or unruly behavior, and respect for law or proper authority , a specific rule, regulation, or authoritative direction ; command , 8. a style of building, a type of column and entablature forming the unit of a style, 9. state or condition especially with regard to functioning or repair , a proper, ~ly, or functioning condition , 10. a written direction to pay money to someone, a commission to purchase, sell, or supply goods or to perform work, goods or items bought or sold, an assigned or requested undertaking , ~ of the day , ~less adjective

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