Meaning of SCAN in English


I. verb (~ned; ~ning) Etymology: Middle English ~nen, from Late Latin ~dere, from Latin, to climb; akin to Middle Irish sceinnid he springs, Sanskrit skandati he leaps Date: 14th century transitive verb to read or mark so as to show metrical structure , to examine by point-by-point observation or checking:, to investigate thoroughly by checking point by point and often repeatedly , to glance from point to point of often hastily, casually, or in search of a particular item , 3. to examine systematically (as by passing a beam of radiation over or through) in order to obtain data especially for display or storage , to pass over in the formation of an image , intransitive verb to ~ verse, to conform to a metrical pattern , see: scrutinize ~nable adjective II. noun Date: 1706 the act or process of ~ning, a radar or television trace, an image formed by ~ning something: as, a depiction (as a photograph) of the distribution of a radioactive material in something (as a bodily organ), an image of a bodily part produced (as by computer) by combining ultrasonic or radiographic data obtained from several angles or sections

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