Meaning of CEMENT in English



Pronunciation: si- ' ment also ' s ē -ment

Function: noun

Etymology: Middle English sement, from Anglo-French ciment, from Latin caementum stone chips used in making mortar, from caedere to cut

Date: 14th century

1 a : CONCRETE b : a powder of alumina, silica, lime, iron oxide, and magnesium oxide burned together in a kiln and finely pulverized and used as an ingredient of mortar and concrete also : any mixture used for a similar purpose

2 : a binding element or agency: as a : a substance to make objects adhere to each other b : something serving to unite firmly <justice is the cement that holds a political community together ― R. M. Hutchins>


4 : a plastic composition made especially of zinc or silica for filling dental cavities

5 : the fine-grained groundmass or glass of a porphyry

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