Meaning of CONJUGATION in English



Pronunciation: ˌ kän-j ə - ' g ā -sh ə n

Function: noun

Date: 15th century

1 a : a schematic arrangement of the inflectional forms of a verb b : verb inflection c : a class of verbs having the same type of inflectional forms <the weak conjugation > d : a set of the simple or derivative inflectional forms of a verb especially in Sanskrit or the Semitic languages <the causative conjugation >

2 : the act of conjugating : the state of being conjugated

3 a : fusion of usually similar gametes with ultimate union of their nuclei and sexual reproduction that occurs in most fungi and in some algae (as green algae) b : temporary cytoplasmic union with exchange of nuclear material that is the usual sexual process in ciliated protozoans c : the one-way transfer of DNA between bacteria in cellular contact

– con · ju · ga · tion · al \ -shn ə l, -sh ə -n ə l \ adjective

– con · ju · ga · tion · al · ly adverb

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