Meaning of CONJUGATION in English


Synonyms and related words :

Anschluss, IC analysis, Janus, abutment, abuttal, accidence, addition, adjacency, adjoiningness, affiliation, affix, affixation, agglomeration, agglutination, aggregation, agreement, alliance, allomorph, amalgamation, ambiguity, ambivalence, apposition, appulse, articulation, artificial insemination, assimilation, association, biformity, bifurcation, blend, blending, bond, bound morpheme, bracketing, cabal, cartel, centralization, clustering, coalescence, coalition, combination, combine, combo, communication, composition, concatenation, concourse, concurrence, confederacy, confederation, confluence, congeries, conglomeration, conjunction, connection, consolidation, conspiracy, conterminousness, contiguity, convergence, copulation, coterminousness, coupling, cross-fertilization, cross-pollination, cutting, declension, derivation, dichotomy, difference of form, doubleness, doublethink, doubling, dualism, duality, duplexity, duplication, duplicity, ecumenism, embodiment, enclitic, encompassment, enosis, equivocality, fecundation, federalization, federation, fertilization, formative, free form, fusion, gathering, getting with child, halving, heterogamy, hookup, immediate constituent analysis, impregnation, inclusion, incorporation, infix, infixation, inflection, insemination, integration, intercommunication, intercourse, interlinking, irony, isogamy, joinder, joining, jointure, junction, junta, juxtaposition, knotting, league, liaison, linkage, linking, marriage, meeting, meld, melding, merger, merging, morph, morpheme, morphemic analysis, morphemics, morphology, morphophonemics, orthogamy, package, package deal, pairing, paradigm, perigee, perihelion, polarity, pollination, pollinization, prefix, prefixation, proclitic, radical, root, solidification, splice, stem, suffix, suffixation, symbiosis, syncretism, syndication, syneresis, synthesis, syzygy, theme, tie, tie-in, tie-up, twinning, two-facedness, twoness, unification, union, wedding, word-formation, yoking, zygosis,

Moby thesaurus English vocabulary.      Английский словарь Moby Тезаурус .