Meaning of COP in English



Function: verb

Inflected Form: copped ; cop · ping

Etymology: perhaps from Dutch kapen to steal, from Frisian k ā pia to buy; akin to Old High German kouf trade ― more at CHEAP

Date: 1704

transitive verb

1 slang : to get hold of : CATCH , CAPTURE also : PURCHASE

2 slang : STEAL , SWIPE

3 : ADOPT 2 < cop an attitude>

intransitive verb slang : ADMIT 2B ― used with to <these small-timers would ⋯ cop to the smallest offense their attorney could negotiate ― Tom Clancy>

– cop a plea : to plead guilty to a lesser charge in order to avoid standing trial for a more serious one broadly : to admit fault and plead for mercy

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