Meaning of TIME in English


n. time table

access time

Alaska time

all time

apparent time

Atlantic time

big time

borrowed time

buy time

call time

central time

common time

Coordinated Universal Time

corrected time

crunch time

cut time

double time

drive time

eastern time

elapsed time

end time

ephemeris time

equation of time

face time

Father Time

in the fullness of time

full time

geologic time

Greenwich mean time

Greenwich time

half time

hang time

Hawaii Aleutian time

in jig time

just in time

lead time

local time

make time

mark time

mean time

mean solar time

military time

mountain time

old time

Pacific time

part time

pass the time of day

post time

prime time

question time

quick time

real time

released time

residence time

running time

Samoa time

sidereal time

small time

space time

space time continuum

standard time

summer time

take one's time

time and again

on time

in time

in no time

from time to time

for the time being

at the same time

time and a half

time bomb

time capsule

time card

time chart

time clock

time consuming

time dilation

time dilatation

time release

time exposure

time frame

time honored

time immemorial

time out of mind

time killer

time lag

time lapse

time line

time lock

time machine

time of flight

time out

time reversal

time saving

time saver

time series

time sharing

time share

time sheet

time signature

time stamp

time tested

time trial

time warp

time warped

time zone

two time

Universal time

daylight saving time

daylight time

daylight savings time

hard times token

at times

times sign

timed release

well timed

Merriam Webster Collegiate English Dictionary.      Merriam Webster - Энциклопедический словарь английского языка.