Meaning of BRAID in English


[braid] vt [ME breyden to move suddenly, snatch, plait, fr. OE bregdan; akin to OHG brettan to draw (a sword)] (bef. 12c) 1 a: to make from braids "~ a rug" b: to form (three or more strands) into a braid

2: to do up (the hair) by interweaving three or more strands

3: mix, intermingle "~ fact with fiction"

4: to ornament esp. with ribbon or braid -- n

[2]braid n (1530) 1 a: a length of braided hair b: a cord or ribbon having usu. three or more component strands forming a regular diagonal pattern down its length; esp: a narrow fabric of intertwined threads used esp. for trimming

2: high-ranking naval officers

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